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January 18, 2021

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Bottom line: Which one is better?

Bottom line: McAfee is better.

In this review, McAfee is a better Antivirus when we compare MacAfee vs AVG because it has robust protection features plus other utilities found in its security suites as compared to AVG.


MacAfee is an Antivirus that is known to stop every malware threat in your system without slowing down your computer according to lab test. It also detects and warns you of dangerous browsing sites that you are visiting. The MacAfee Antivirus offers different plans with different features. MacAfee Antivirus Plus stops malicious files before they start downloading and displays warning in case you visit any dangerous sites. It detects and blocks viruses, Trojans, worms and ransomware from infecting your device.

AVG on the other hand is also light weight although it lacks some useful features that some of its competitors have. It is simple to use, fast, free and if you need advanced features you can opt for other better plans the company offers. It provides protection from all types of malware and has some great additional tools that include a file shredder, a web security plugin and a VPN solution. In addition, AVG Antivirus offers decent protection of your device against viruses, ransomware, spyware, can scan your computer’s drives for all kinds of threats, detects and blocks all phishing sites, blocks all suspicious links and files and is able to scan all incoming mails and attachments.

Bottom line: MacAfee is better.


McAfee is an excellent antivirus as well as security tool that offer protection to all your devices and computers with just a single license. This includes malware protection, network security as well as online web advisor that offers you maximum protection while browsing. When you run scans on your computer, MacAfee checks all your files and folders and checks for any suspicious threats or behaviours like files moving by themselves and programs running automatically. If any suspicious thing is detected, it compares it the reputation indicators for safety. In addition, it has got browser extensions that you can download for internet explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome, has social media Guard that monitors your social media and keeps away from bad accounts, hackers and other malicious posts hidden in scams and malware.

AVG Antivirus offers an intuitive interface which makes it very easy to use and you can customize it the way you want. It offers decent protection from viruses, ransomware and spyware. It also scans your computer for all types of problems while detecting and preventing zero-day threats. It has got three plans with different amazing features. The first one is the AVG Free Antivirus which is totally free and provides protection against malware but has less protection-related features or extra features than just the file shredder, protection against malicious websites and dangerous links.

The AVG Internet Security is a mid-level antivirus that offers advanced firewall, encryption module, ant-spam feature, Wi-Fi guard and malware protection. It also includes webcam spying protection. Lastly we have the top-drawer AVG Ultimate that includes everything that the Internet Security and AVG advanced.

Bottom line: McAfee is better.


Windows; the two software are compatible with windows

Mac; the two software are compatible with Mac.

IOS; McAfee is compatible with iOS.

Android; both McAfee and AVVG are compatible with Android.

Bottom line: McAfee is better as it is compatible with more platforms than AVG.


McAfee initiates its pricing as per devices used. One device subscription for one year goes for $24.99 or $2.08 per month, five devices subscription plan is billed at $7.99 per device for one year or $3.33 per month and 10 devices plan is billed at $4.49 per device for one year or $3.75 per month.

AVG Antivirus Free is totally free, Internet Security is billed at $5.83 per month (1 year plan) and Ultimate is billed at $8.33 per month (1-year plan).

Bottom line: McAfee is better.


McAfee is a better Antivirus in this review of AVG vs McAfee as it has robust protection features plus other utilities found in its security suites as compared to AVG and has better pricing plan.

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