Mpow H12 Review

March 3, 2020

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In this Mpow H12 review we feature an affordable, well built and better sound headphones with active noise cancellation functionality. It has an amazing 30 hours of battery life and comes with a charging cable, aux cable and a carrying case. They are made of plastic and enough aluminium to keep them from falling to pieces. It also easily folds because of its hinged design

Build and comfort

The Mpow H12 has matte black exterior which looks like most of the common headphones with the Mpow logo coming out at the base to differentiate it from the rest. The Mpow H12 review also features shiny metal plating found on the exterior of the ear-cups which appears to resemble touch controls. The Mpow generally doesn’t make use of touch controls at all but they feature analogue control buttons. It has the ANC switch that is situated on the left ear-cup together with play/pause and volume buttons over the right ear-cup.

These headphones have memory foam cushioning and wrapped in fairly breathable audio fabric. The ear pads can hold together for at least 3-4 years of consistence use. It has shallower ear cups which is the norm with portable wireless headphones like the H12. This might be a disadvantage with most people with larger ears as they might find this a little squished by the inside of the ear cup. The fabrics by which the ear cups are made out of are breathable and are comfortable to wear. The headband is rubberized and comfortable and provides decent cushioning.

The Mpow H12 headphones reviewed are known to use Bluetooth version four for the purpose of handling wireless connection. The connection offered by this headphone is pretty smooth which slightly the same encounter with the Bluetooth version 5 with identical compatibility. There is a maximum of 33 feet of connection distance which is actually average and good.


  • They are affordable compared to its competitors.
  • Features tactile playback buttons
  • It has shockingly good sound
  • Designed to cancel noise in the surrounding environments.
  • The battery power is outstanding and lasts up to 30 hours.


  • The design is not that pleasing
  • It charges using the micro-USB

Voice control

The Mpow H12 headphone has the ANC switch that is located on the left ear cup and the play/pause as well as volume buttons over the right ear cup. These volume buttons are basically multi-functional that helps you handle incoming calls. It requires much attention when using the volume button on the Mpow H12 as it has been assigned several functions.


The Mpow H12 headphone reviews in terms of battery include a sizable 500mAh Lithium-ion battery which can withstand 30 hours of playtime between charges with the ANC off and depending on volume levels. When you opt to use the 3.5 mm cable instead of Bluetooth you all also extend the lifespan of your battery. The battery takes about three hours to fully recharge from empty. It doesn’t have a rapid recharge features.


The headphone has a pair of ɸ 40mm audio drivers which is an advantage to people who enjoy using higher quality audio codecs. With the inclusion of the ANC feature, the headphone sounds best.

Noise cancelling

The ear cups of the Mpow H12 headphone are designed and well cushioned to cancel any noise from the surrounding environment so that you can concentrate on your selected tracks.


The Mpow H12 headphones are one of the best and newest ANC headphones so far on the market which are readily affordable. There are some which are in the same category or slightly above Mpow H12 in price and functionality as well like the Audio Technica ATH-M20X. The Audio Technica ATH-M20X are priced at $49 which is slightly expensive than H12 and have an improved sound quality.

The Mpow 12 can however be adjusted by the introduction of an amp like the PA2V2 that cost around $55. This will help you achieve a better sound compared to a pair of $100 noise cancelling headphones. With such improvements, you can achieve performance that might be almost close to the Audio Technica MSR7NC headphone that is $299. Having a low price tag of $45 and a fairly impressive sound, it is a good value for your money.