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Nikon Coolpix P600 VS. Nikon Coolpix P610
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Nikon Coolpix P600 Nikon Coolpix P610

September 13, 2019

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Bottom line: Which one is better?

Nikon P610 is a better camera in this review when we compare Nikon P610 vs P600 as it has Pictbridge, NFC, 38 no of supported languages and 30 more shots battery life.


Below is the design review of Nikon P610 vs P600;

Dimension; the two cameras have 125 x 85 x 106.5mm.

Weight; each camera weighs 565g

Bottom Line design
the two cameras have the same design features.


Focal length; each camera has 4/.3-258mm

Optical zoom; each camera has 60 x.

Lens type; both cameras have zoom.

Aperture range; each camera has F/3.3-F/6.5.

Lens cover; Nikon P600 has lens cap.

Bottom Line lens
Nikon P600 is better.


Resolution; each camera has 1920x1080px (1080p HD), 1280x720px (720p HD), 640x480px (VGA).

Fps; each camera has 1080p Frame rate: 2530720p Frame rate: 2530VGA Frame rate: 30

File format; moth cameras have MOV.

Bottom Line video
the two cameras are similar.


No of shots; Nikon P600 has 330 whereas Nikon P610 has 360.

Battery; both phones batteries are rechargeable.

Bottom Line battery
Nikon P610 is better.


Wi-Fi; Nikon P600 has 802.11 b/g/n whereas Nikon P610 has 802.11 b/g

USB; Nikon P600 has 2.o, 480MB

HDMI; both cameras have HDMI.

NFC; Nikon P610 has NFC.

Pictbridge; Nikon P610 has Pictbridge.

Bottom Line connectivity
Nikon P610 is better.


White balance type; each camera has Auto, Cloudy, custom, daylight, flash, fluorescent and incandescent.

Iris control; both cameras have iris control.

Auto focus; the two cameras have contrast detection.

Shutter speed; each camera has 1/4000-1 sec.

In camera editing; the two cameras have in camera editing.

Drive mode; each camera has single shot, continuous shot, self-timer and portrait.

Burst mode; Nikon P600 has 60 shots max while Nikon P610 has 7 shots max.

Self-timer; each camera has 10sec and 2 sec.

Microphone; Nikon P600 has microphone.

Image stabilization; Nikon P600 has optical whereas Nikon P610 has optical and software.

Bottom Line other features
Nikon P600 is better.


Processor model; each camera has Expeed C2 processor

Type; Nikon P600 has CMOS sensor while Nikon P610 has Bridge camera.

Effective resolution; Nikon P600 has 16.1MP whereas Nikon P610 has 16MP.

Bottom Line sensor
Nikon P600 is better.


Display type; both cameras have LCD

No of dots; each camera 921000.

No of supported language; Nikon P600 has 35 whereas Nikon P610 has 38.

Display size; each camera has 3”.

Viewfinder; both cameras have electronic viewfinder

Brightness adjustment; each camera has 6 levels.

Bottom Line previewing
Nikon P610 is better.

When we compare Nikon P600 vs P610 in this review, Nikon P610 is better as it has Pictbridge, NFC, 38 no of supported languages and 30 more shots battery life.

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