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Nikon D3300 VS. Sony A6000
sony-a6000 Sony A6000
September 12, 2019

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Bottom line: Which one is better?

In this review of Nikon D3300 vs Sony A6000, it is quite evident that Sony A6000 is an ideal camera because it has; 2.61% larger sensor, 1.25% more megapixels (main camera), 168 more focus points, a flip-out screen, 2.2x faster shooting at highest resolution with AF as JPEG format, 2.5x better video recording quality (main camera), WIFI and phase detection autofocus for photos.


The design features of Sony A6000 vs Nikon D3300 include the following;

Resolution; Nikon D3300 has 1175 x 784px whereas Sony A6000 has 1280 x 720px.

Pixel density; Nikon D3300 has 333.2ppi whereas Sony A6000 has 490ppi.

Flip-out screen; Sony A6000 has a flip-out screen.

Built-in focus motor; Sony A6000 has a built-in focus motor.

More viewfinder; Nikon D3300 has 95% whereas Sony A6000 has 100%.

Optical viewfinder; Nikon D3300 has an optical viewfinder.

Bottom Line design
Sony A6000 is a better camera in design than Nikon D3300.


AF tracking; Nikon D3300 and Sony A6000 have AF tracking.

Focus points; Nikon D3300 has 11 focus points whereas Sony A6000 has 179.

Sensor size; Nikon D3300 has 23.2 x 15.4mm whereas Sony A6000 has 23.5 x 15.6mm.

Maximum light sensitivity; Nikon D3300 and Sony A6000 have 25600 ISO.

Megapixels; Nikon D3300 has 24MP while Sony A6000 has 24.3MP.

Phase detection autofocus for photos; Sony A6000 has this feature.

Bottom Line optics
Sony A6000 is a better camera as it has better optic features.


In determining whether D3300 or A6000 is better, we consider the following comparisons of the two;

Video recording (main camera); Nikon D3300 has 1080 x 24fps whereas Sony A6000 has 1080 x 60fps.

Phase detection autofocus for videos; Nikon D3300 has this feature.

Continuous autofocus when recording movies; Nikon D3300 and Sony A6000 have this feature.

24P cinema mode; Nikon D3300 and Sony A6000 have 24P cinema modes.

Supports AVCHD format; Sony A6000 supports AVCHD format.

Bottom Line videography
Sony A6000 is a better camera because it has a better video recording quality and supports AVCHD format.


The audio feature(s) of D3300 vs A6000 in this review include;

Microphone input; Nikon D3300 alone has a microphone input.

Bottom Line audio
Nikon D3300 is a better camera in terms of audio because it has a microphone input.


Battery life (CIPA); Nikon D3300 has 700shots whereas Sony A6000 has 420shots.

Removable battery; Nikon D3300 and Sony A6000 have removable batteries.

Battery level indicator; Nikon D3300 and Sony A6000 have battery level indicators.

Rechargeable battery; Nikon D3300 and Sony A6000 have rechargeable batteries.

Bottom Line battery
Nikon D3300 is a better camera as it has a good battery life.


In our key features comparisons of A6000 vs D3300 we note the following;

Image quality; Nikon D3300 has an image quality of 82, the same case with Sony A6000.

Noise; Nikon D3300 and Sony A6000 have 1385 ISO.

Colour depth; Nikon D3300 has 12.8Evs whereas Sony A6000 has 13.1Evs.

External memory slot; Nikon D3300 and Sony A6000 have external memory slots.

WIFI; Sony A6000 has WIFI.

Bottom Line key features
Sony A6000 is a better camera than Nikon D3300 as it has a higher colour depth and WIFI.

This review of Nikon D3300 and Sony A6000 shows that Sony A6000 is a quality device that has superior features ideal for a good camera.

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