OmniPlan vs Merlin Project

September 24, 2019

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Bottom line: Which one is better?

Bottom line: Merlin is better.

Merlin is a better project management solution in this review of OmniPlan vs Merlin as it is powerful, has an array of features and is intuitive an easy to use interface.

OmniPlan vs Merlin: FEATURES

OmniPlan is a project management program that allows users to visualize projects with customizable Gantt charts and task filters. It is designed to help the user keep track of projects and plans with an attractive intuitive interface. It imports and exports MS Project files and is an easy to use program. The features of OmniPlan include budget management, collaboration tools, cost-to-completion tracking, Gantt charts, milestone tracking and resource management.

Merlin on the other hand is a common project management solution designed for Mac and Apple iOS gadgets.  It focuses on creating project plans, tracking activities and milestones, managing budget and schedules and many more. Its features include expense and time tracking, library and reporting tools, milestones tracking, Kanban boards and Gantt charts and idea and resource management. It suitable for businesses looking customizable boards with Kanban, timeline, calendar as well as map project views.

Bottom line: Merlin Project is better.

OmniPlan vs Merlin: WORK MANAGEMENT

OmniPlan is a program that helps Mac users to visualize their projects by the use of customizable Gantt charts and task filters. The Gantt chart overview allows you to drag and drop projects according to your design and view. The user can hide dates and tasks which do not relate to his/her team’s assignments. In addition, it has the Bonjour updates and automatic publishing features that keep the user up to date in case there are any changes in the project.

OmniPlan also allows the user to open, edit and export Microsoft Project files with MPP, XML and MPX formats. The data sometimes might be imported incorrectly if they are in detailed or complex form. It has a good looking interface which simple to use. It helps you create tasks and resources in an easy and straightforward manner. You can as well attach documents, emails and files in order to project sections.

Merlin Project is a popular project management program deployed by several users operating in different industries. It has an intuitive, straightforward and easy to use interface. It offers the user a platform where he can conceptualize plans which you can implement easily. The user is able to set milestones and schedules, allocate resources as well as plan budget. It has tools that enable users implement everything from the start to the end of the project. It has a system that allows users create project plans on hierarchy basis and implement complex procedures for every member and groups within minutes. It helps users utilize manpower and resources by knowing who is assigned to what task and the amount of money incurred.

Bottom line: Merlin is better.

OmniPlan vs Merlin: COLLABORATION

OmniPlan features real-time collaboration as it syncs any changes made to a project by anyone working on it and allows you to see instantly in the left hand column. It allows enables you to drag and drop team members into different projects they are handling at the given time. It also has change tracking which allows the user to view the type of updates made on the project.

Merlin Project allows the manager to task the team members with delegations, a lot the rates for their hours and standard working hours for your team members. It also allows you to know the exact person allotted to a specific task and the amount incurred. In addition, it lets you know how each team member is fairing on with the task he/she is assigned to how you can adjust on the speed of handling tasks and to assign responsibilities equally and better.

Bottom line: both programs have the same collaboration features.

OmniPlan vs Merlin: PRICING

OmniPlan offers a free plan and has a starting price for the paid plan which starts at $199.00 per user (one-time).

Merlin on the other hand offers a free trial with two paid plans. They include the Merlin project Plan 1 which costs $149 per year per user and Merlin project plan 2 which costs $99 per year per user.

Bottom line: OmniPlan is better.


In this review, Merlin is better as it has an array of great and useful features as compared to OmniPlan.

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