PC matic Reviews

September 30, 2019

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PC Matic is internet protection software that is designed to block in real-time the execution of any program that is not part of its whitelist. It includes features like adblocker, fileless malware prevention, remote management and many more. One of the greatest benefits of using PC Matic is that they have custom tailored programs for different clients and needs. They offer plans that fit each unique set of needs.


In terms of security of PC Matic reviews, it is a bit hard to test it as it is constantly blocking valid programs. A test by Virus Bulletin showed that PC Matic earned 100% detection after it went through a series of tests. Even though PC Matic did well in the RAP test, it failed several times in the VB100 test. When it comes to malware protection, PC Matic uses the whitelisting method to detect malware whereby it creates a whitelist of known safe files. When it comes across files from the list, it leaves them while other unfamiliar files are sent to the company’s research group to be analysed in quick tests.

PC Matic not only uses the whitelisting technique, it has the Fileless Script Block that it uses to detect malicious scripting activity and the RDP controls which prevent criminals from accessing the RDP ports. PC Matic is also unique from its competitors in how it runs scans as it runs a full scan which includes complete disc fragmentation, malware detection and performance tweaks. The software first does a quick diagnostic scan to check if there are issues in the OS and deal with them with the focus on performance, maintenance and stability.


PC Matic is an affordable protection that can withstand five devices. It is basically a set of optimization tools that significantly boosts your system’s performance. In addition, PC Matic can be used on android fully which means you are not just limited to PC use. Its system load is more than you desire and you can tweak in between scans. This product comes with a 30-day money-back-guarantee.

It has the full Android support which allows you to protect your mobile device like a smartphone or tablet. It has a phenomenal low system load and allows tweaking during scans. It also has a user-friendly interface but seems confusing for some users.

In addition, in reviews of PC Matic, the software consist of Automated Maintenance tool which is removes junk files while freeing up space, optimizes broadband, defragments all local discs, updates all the drivers on the OS and cleans the registry hence speeding up the system. It also improves SSD performance and excludes non-essential apps from the start-up list.


In terms of compatibility review of PC Matic, this software is compatible with Windows and android which means you can protect your mobile devices as well. However, PC Matic is not compatible with other platforms like Mac and iOS which gives you an option of choosing other software solutions.


PC Matic price reviewed shows that it has several plans depending on the number of computers that the user wants to licence. A household that features 5 computers is the lowest plan which might cost the user about $50 for the whole year. The pricing goes up as the number of devices increase. An annual subscription is $50 while a lifetime subscription goes for $150.

Apart from the paid plans, PC Matic offers a free plan which you can use in a limited function. It is not fully featured but rather acts as a test drive for the entire suite.


PC Matic is a perfect solution you can use to offer maximum protection for your PC and mobile devices. It has a great pricing plan and is capable of blocking all types of malware including viruses, Trojan, ransomware, spyware or other nefarious ilk. The downside of this program is that it is constantly blocking all programs even good ones.

There are other options that can be suitable for your devices other than PC Matic. These software offer similar features as PC Matic and some offer better at the same or reasonable price. Some of the software that are offering free and better features include Avast, Kaspersky, AVG, Bitdefender, Avira, Sophos, Check Point and more.