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PC Matic Vs Kaspersky

February 13, 2020

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Bottom line: Which one is better?

When we compare PC Matic and Kaspersky in this review, Kaspersky is better because it has a high level of PC protection from all malicious and virus programs, has a simple and clear interface, it runs at a desired high speed, is good in monitoring internet links for reliability check of any website, has anti-spam and anti-banner components that stop unnecessary content, has anti-phishing and does a fast full system scanning.


Kaspersky is a trusted brand antivirus that has a comprehensive protection of your device against all kinds of malicious software. It checks all files that are accessed by the OS in real-time and are under four modules: file antivirus that checks all opened, launched and saved files; mail antivirus that monitors incoming and outbound messages; web antivirus that protects against malicious scripts on the web and proactive protection that essentially provides detection of still unknown viruses. Kaspersky is also ideal in malware protection, ransomware detection and phishing detection.

PC Matic is an antivirus that is capable of protecting up to five devices and it a set of optimization tools that significantly boosts your system’s performance. It has an impressive whitelist-based anti-malware protection and automated PC maintenance, has a built-in AdBlocker and a low system impact. Scans with PC Matic are somehow different as compared with other competitors as PC Matic runs a full scan instead of just dealing with a particular malware issue. This includes complete disk fragmentation, performance tweaks and the obvious malware detection and during this scan process, much attention is dwelt in performance, security maintenance and stability. This is important because in one way it acts as a combination of tune-ups, defragmentation, regular antivirus scans as well optimization. A brief summary of the above is as follows;

Real-time antivirus; PC Matic and Kaspersky have real-time antivirus.

Manual virus scanning; PC Matic and Kaspersky have manual virus scan.

USB virus scan; Kaspersky has USB virus scan.

Registry start-up scan; PC Matic and Kaspersky have this feature.

Auto virus scanning; PC Matic and Kaspersky have this feature.

Scheduled scan; the two antiviruses have this feature.

Email protection; Kaspersky has email protection.

Adware prevention; PC Matic has Adware prevention.

Personal firewall; Kaspersky has this feature.

Safe browser; Kaspersky has safe browser.

Bottom Line security
Kaspersky is better in terms of security.


PC Matic is regarded as a quality and affordable antivirus that can protect up to five devices. It is asset of optimization tools that significantly boosts your system’s performance. Although it is known to constantly blocking legit apps and programs, PC Matic has an informative results page. It has a 30-day money back guarantee and in addition, it has a lifetime subscription.

Kaspersky on the other hand has tested excellent at the independent antivirus labs and is a perfect antivirus protection against malicious or virus programs. Kaspersky usually does a fast full scan of your device’s system and it runs at a very sufficient high speed. It also has a very user friendly interface and in addition, it has a very special module that monitors internet links to assess if the website is reliable to be accessed by the user. Great protection against phishing and parental control are but addition features to Kaspersky. Below is a breakdown of the same;

Anti-Worm; the two antiviruses have anti-worm.

Anti-spyware; PC Matic and Kaspersky have this feature.

Anti-Trojan; the two products have this Anti-Trojan.

Anti-rootkit; the two antiviruses have anti-rootkit.

Anti-phishing; PC Matic and Kaspersky have anti-phishing.

Anti-spam; Kaspersky has anti-spam.

Ease of use; PC Matic has 4/5 whereas Kaspersky has 5/5.

Parental control; Kaspersky has parental control.

Game mode; Kaspersky has game mode.

VPN service; Kaspersky has VPN service.

Smartphone optimizer; PC Matic has this feature.

Device tune-up; PC Matic has device tune-up.

Phone support; Kaspersky has phone support.

Email support; PC Matic has email support.

Ticket support; PC Matic and Kaspersky have ticket support.

Bottom Line features
Kaspersky is better.


Compatible with Windows; PC Matic and Kaspersky are compatible with Windows.

Compatible with Mac; Kaspersky is compatible with Mac.

Compatible with iOS; Kaspersky is compatible with iOS.

Compatible with Android; PC Matic and Kaspersky are compatible with Android.

Bottom Line compatibility
Kaspersky is better.


Starting price; PC Matic has $50 whereas Kaspersky has $29.99.

Discount available; Kaspersky has 50%

Money Back Guarantee; the two antiviruses have 30 days.

Bottom Line pricing
Kaspersky is better.

In this review of PC Matic Vs Kaspersky, it is clear that Kaspersky is a better product as it supersedes PC Matic in most of the functionalities.

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