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January 18, 2021

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Bottom line: Which one is better?

McAfee is an antivirus that is categorised amongst the top brands not because of its name but how it protects your computers and other gadgets from potential threats and infections. The reason why McAfee is better than PC Matic is that it is easy to install, has  an above average in virus detection and prevention and it can remove viruses from your PC or any other gadgets 100% without any trace left behind.


In terms of security, PC Matic earned 100% detection rating in a test conducted by Virus Bulletin. It again did perfectly in the RAP test but failed in the VB100. The reason behind this is because it constantly blocks valid programs and sometimes makes it so hard to test it. It also blocks any malware that it comes across and whenever it comes in contact with any unknown apps or files, it sends them for deep analysis and the unknown files are identified within 24 hours.

McAfee is amongst the most trusted brands across the globe and is an easy to install and use antivirus. It is characterised by removing 100% viruses from your device or any other gadget and leaves no trace. McAfee is excellent at protecting against malware, detecting malicious websites as well as putting less strain on performance. It is also a good antivirus in protecting your device against ransomware. The following is a summary of the two antiviruses;

Real-time antivirus; PC Matic and McAfee have real-time antivirus.

Manual virus scanning; PC Matic and McAfee have manual virus scanning.

USB Virus san; McAfee has USB virus scan.

Registry start-up scan; PC Matic and McAfee have registry start-up scan.

Auto virus scanning; PC Matic and McAfee have auto virus scanning.

Scheduled scan; PC Matic and McAfee have scheduled scan.

Email protection; McAfee has email protection.

Adware prevention; PC Matic has adware prevention.

Personal firewall; McAfee has personal firewall.

Safe browser; McAfee has safe browser.

Bottom Line security
McAfee is better in terms of security.


PC Matic antivirus best suits outdated computers, windows XP and users who want to a product of all-in one product. It is an easy to use product, has a money back guarantee and is affordable. In addition, McAfee has a unique way of detecting and eliminating malware has automated PC maintenance and a built-in AdBlocker.

McAfee on the other hand is capable of protecting your devices from modern day threats and unwanted programs. It has a 30-day money back guarantee, 24/7 support and up-to-date encryption options that is on the advanced products have made this product more competitive so far. The downside of McAfee is that it puts much pressure on your device and has an average real-time protection. Below is a brief summary of McAfee and PC Matic;

Anti-spyware; PC Matic and McAfee have anti-spyware.

Anti-worm; PC Matic and McAfee have anti-worm.

Anti-Trojan; PC Matic and McAfee have Anti-Trojan.

Anti-Rootkit; PC Matic and McAfee have anti-rootkit.

Anti-phishing; PC Matic and McAfee have anti-phishing.

Anti-spam; McAfee has anti-spam.

Ease of use; PC Matic has 4/5 whereas McAfee has 5/5.

Parental control; McAfee has parental control.

Game mode; McAfee has game mode.

Smartphone optimizer; PC Matic has smartphone optimizer.

Device tune-up; PC Matic and McAfee have this feature.

Live help; McAfee has live help.

Phone support; McAfee has phone support.

Email support; PC Matic and McAfee have email support.

Ticket support; PC Matic has ticket support.

Bottom Line features
McAfee is better.


Compatible with Windows; PC Matic and McAfee are compatible with Windows.

Compatible with Mac; McAfee is compatible with Mac.

Compatible with IOS; McAfee is compatible with iOS.

Compatible with android; PC Matic and McAfee are compatible with Android.

Bottom Line compatibility
McAfee is better.


Starting price; PC Matic has $50 whereas McAfee has $34.99

Discount available; McAfee has 59%

Money Back Guarantee; the two antiviruses have a 30-day Money Back guarantee.

Bottom Line pricing
McAfee is better in terms of pricing.

McAfee is a better antivirus in this review of PC Matic Vs McAfee as it is better in protecting your device, is affordable and easy to use.

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