Pioneer se-c7bt in-ear headphones Review

March 3, 2020

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The pioneer se-c7bt review features headphones that have dynamic playback from rare-earth-earth-magnet drivers that have aluminium encasing with hands-free control. They produce Hi-Fi music with Bluetooth pairing via NFC functionality. This is can be achieved through the smartphone and earphones combinations.

It also features a silicon neckband that is designed to fit your body shape leaving you very comfortable while listening to your favourite music. The silicone neckband is soft and comfortable that conforms to the ears without slipping and folds down so that you can store them well. It also has slim in-line intuitive remote for easy phone call and music control while the slider keeps bundled headphones neat.

Build and comfort

With pioneer se-c7bt reviewed we get NFC functionality that enables you to instantly connect compatible devices via Bluetooth. It supports multi-pairing of a maximum of 8 devices for shared listening. The silicone neckband and cables of the Pioneer se-c7bt in-ear are lightweight, soft and comfortable to put on so that you enjoy your music while working out or doing your daily activities both indoor and outdoor.

It has the earphone cable slider that is designed to enable easy bundled storage. It has inline control box and mic for hands-free phone conversation and is lightweight, compact and comfortable to allow you move freely while listening to your favourite collections. The box dimensions are 85 x 168 x 23 mm (W X H XD) and the weight is 6 grams which excludes the cable.


  • It has NFC feature that enables you to instantly connect compatible devices through Bluetooth.
  • It has silicon neckband and cables which are light in weight and are comfortable to fit.
  • It has excellent power handling speakers.
  • Has three intuitive remote buttons that enables you accept, make and end calls.
  • Have strong drivers that deliver extra bass punch without overwhelming a clean and crisp mid-range for vocals.
  • Features Pioneer Notification App for android that lets you read mails, massages and other notifications.
  • They sync up very easily via Bluetooth
  • They are affordable.


  • It is not balanced for different music genres
  • The wire is too long.

The earphones have high-texture alumite-processed finish and a variety of colours you can choose from. They are in-ear headphones that have frequency range of 5 Hz-22 KHz and 8 mm drive.

Voice control

The pioneer se-c7bt reviews in terms of voice control include a slim in-line intuitive remote that provides easy phone call and music control. It has remote buttons that allows you to make, take or end a call. You can use the remote buttons to adjust volume, play or pause, skip forward or back your selected songs. In addition, we have the notification app that is helpful when you can’t reach your phone. It simply allows you to read out notifications such as emails, SMS and messages so that you have an effective response.


It has a mic through which you can communicate hands-free when answering calls. The battery of the pioneer se-c7bt headphones can last for approximately 7 hours of playback and takes approximately 1.5 hours to fully charge.


This pair of pioneer se-c7bt headphones is made up aluminium housing and base that helps reduce vibration for superb sound clarity. It features a deep, taut bass and clear mid-range for beautiful vocals. It also has a wireless technology that supports AAC codec so as to achieve high-quality sound and the earphones come in tip sizes of XS, S, M and L to provide a firm seal when you put on.

Noise cancelling

The pioneer se-c7bt headphones that are made of soft, comfortable silicon neckband that helps cancel any surrounding noise and give you a noise free music experience.


Pioneer se-c7bt earphones are suitable for listeners who like extra bass punch without overwhelming a clean and crisp mid-range for vocals thanks to the rare-earth-magnet drivers. If you are looking for earphones with intuitive hands-free remote buttons that lets you accept, make and calls as well as adjust volume, play/pause and skip tracks without breaking strides, then look no further than Pioneer se-c7bt headphones. These earphones have its housing and base crafted in solid aluminium to provide a clear detail of your music spiced with bass without vibration.