Podio vs Asana

September 12, 2019

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Bottom line: Which one is better?

Bottom line: Asana is better.

When we compare Podio vs Asana in this review, Asana is better because it is a tool that organizes your projects into boards making it possible for you to know what’s being worked, who is working on what and where something is in a process. In addition, it has a simple and user-friendly interface, extremely useful timeline and calendar vies and templates for repeatable projects.

Podio vs Asana: FEATURES

Podio has several features that simplify project management and social collaboration. It has the Podio Apps where users can select from existing ones or customizes their own to meet the project’s needs. It has the workspaces where members can collaborate on a project or task hence reducing the number of mails and reply-all chains. It has the communication and online meetings whereby there is streamlined communication between team members. It also has the task management where users can break down large projects into simpler to-do lists in the assigned tasks. Other features include the customized calendars and extensions build by third party.

The features of Asana include task management and project tracking whereby it benefits teams for knowing what each member is doing at what time and when. Its tools simplify and automate many actions required when creating, assigning as well as updating tasks and other given work items of the team. It has got the PM app which is essential in providing multiple views so that users can have various perspectives as well as insight while observing their projects or business progress. In addition, users can customize the default settings as they desire while adding functions so as it can match their expectations. It has ready-made templates to make your setting easy and fast and mobile apps.

Bottom line: Asana is better.


Podio is a cloud-based collaboration space that is designed to be an all-inclusive project management program. It is mostly used by businesses to put content into a single space, streamlines communication of team members while providing a virtual workspace for all business projects. It has a series of apps that act as tools to help managers arrange tasks as well as track their work. Users can create apps for projects, campaigns, leads, deliverables, content calendars and much more. Apps are created and customized by the drag and drop criteria from a multiple of field types like text, link, progress, relationship and much more.

Podio has the Podio app market that allows users to search for and use over 700 industry-based apps to develop a collaboration space and in case there isn’t an app in the market, you can create your own using API and mobile SDKs.

Asana is project management software that is aimed at tracking your project. Each project is first displayed in a list format whereby each list represents a specific task with each task having a status, due date and the person the task is assigned to. It also has an in-built calendar which is related to each project giving managers easy time to tab on task deadlines and note if there is any scheduling mismatch.

Bottom line: Asana is better.


Podio is a collaboration program that helps teams communicate and as organize things with the aim of facilitating the completion of tasks and projects. It has a system that puts content, context and conversations in a central place. Communication is tracked and organized and all updates, comments and changes are done in real time. It also has tools for collaboration, task management; file sharing, automated workflows, calendar, meeting scheduling and many more.

Asana is task-based project management software that allows you to add a lot of information to each task and then arrange them into projects. The custom field tracking and tagging feature allows you to follow and search anything included in your task and has workflow feature that helps you to automate your process. Asana promotes collaboration as it creates a platform for users to communicate at ease with team members within the software.

Bottom line: both Podio and Asana share the same collaboration features.

Podio vs Asana: PRICING

Podio has a free trial, basic plan for $9, Plus plan for $14, Premium for $24 and enterprise which you can get quotation.

Asana has free edition for up to 15 members that include task management features and views, premium plan which is a paid plan of $9.99 per user per month billed annually with added features and the business plan that goes at $19.99 per user per month billed annually. There the enterprise plan which is available upon request.

Bottom line: Asana is better


Asana is a better project management program in this review as it has more useful features and better pricing.