Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro vs. Samsung Galaxy S7


Bottom line: which one is better?

When you compare Samsung j7 and s7, you will realize the latter is better in terms of several features. For instance, galaxy s7 has 43.89% higher pixel density, 1GB more RAM, 1.78x higher resolution, and has a custom damage-resistant glass. Besides, it is also water resistant and dustproof on top of having optical image stabilization. Galaxy s7 has two times faster downloads and is 0.1mm thinner.

Bottom line: The j7 pro is cheaper in terms of pricing, but galaxy s7 gives you value for money since the cost difference isn’t that much. Therefore, s7 is better.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro vs. Samsung Galaxy S7: Design

When evaluating Samsung j7 vs. s7 in terms of design, the key points are:

  • Samsung j7 pro has a height of 151.34mm, a width of 76.2mm, and thickness of 8mm.
  • Galaxy s7 has a height of 142.4mm, a width of 69.6mm and a thickness of 7.9mm.
  • Samsung s7 has two additional features on the design. They include a weather seal feature, dustproof provision, and water resistance.

Bottom line: After analyzing those specs, Samsung s7 emerges better than galaxy j7 pro judging from the design.

Samsung galaxy j7 pro vs. Samsung galaxy s7: Display

Samsung galaxy j7 pro has:

  • A resolution of 1080 x 1920px, a pixel density of 401ppi and a screen size of 5.5 inches.

Galaxy s7 has:

  • A resolution of 1440 x 2560px, a pixel density of 577ppi and a screen size of 5.1 inches.

As you can see, j7 pro has a bigger screen size but is deficient in other specs. Both of them share the AMOLED display and lack the LCD with three subpixels per pixels. However, galaxy s7 has one feature that is absent in the j7 pro, and that is a branded damage-resistant glass.

Bottom line: When evaluating the display of galaxy j7 vs. s7, galaxy s7 is better.

Samsung galaxy j7 pro vs. Samsung galaxy s7: Performance

In comparing Samsung galaxy j7 vs. s7 based on the performance:

  • Samsung j7 pro has a 3GB RAM, 8 (Samsung Exynos 7870) CPU threads and a 3.1 Android 7.0 Nougat version.
  • Galaxy s7 has a 4GB RAM, 4 (Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 MSM8996) and a 3.1 Android 6.0 marshmallow version.
  • Both phones have AES, integrated LTE, and integrated graphics.
  • Galaxy s7 has a upper-hand in the out of order execution and RAM.  

Bottom line: Judging from the above specs, galaxy j7 pro is better in performance.

Samsung galaxy j7 pro vs. Samsung galaxy s7: Cameras

  • Both the two phones have a flash and HDR mode.
  • Galaxy j7 pro has a front camera of 13MP and a back camera of 13MP.
  • Galaxy s7 has a front camera of 5MP and a rear camera of 12MP.
  • The s7 also has optical image stabilization, BSI sensor, and phase detection auto-focus. It also has a better video recording for the primary camera at 2160 x 30fps while the j7 pro has 1080 x 30fps.
  • J7 pro beats the other in the front camera.

Bottom line: Therefore, comparing galaxy s7 vs. j7 based on cameras leaves us with s7 as the better option.

Samsung galaxy j7 pro vs. Samsung galaxy s7: Audio

The difference between Samsung s7 and j7 when it comes to the audio is:

  • Galaxy s7 has two microphones while j7 pro has a radio. Otherwise, they both have a socket for a 3.5mm audio jack and lack stereo speakers.

Bottom line: Here, it is tricky to pick one that is better, but since few people use phone radios nowadays and two microphones are more essential, then the s7 is better.

Samsung galaxy j7 pro vs. Samsung galaxy s7: Battery

While j7 pro has a 3600mAH battery power, s7 has 3000Mah. They both have:

  • A battery level indicator, rechargeable batteries and don’t have removable batteries. Galaxy s7 supports fast charging and has wireless charging.

Bottom line: In terms of this feature, galaxy s7 stands out as the better option.

Samsung galaxy j7 pro vs. Samsung galaxy s7: Special features

Galaxy s7 has a higher download speed at 600MBits/s and higher upload speed at 150MBits/s while the j7 pro is DLNA certified. The s7 phone also has a heart rate monitor, a barometer, and an infrared sensor. 

Bottom line: Judging from the many unique features, s7 is better.


As you have seen above, Samsung galaxy s7 is a better phone if you consider all the of the evaluation features. However, it is more costly than its counterpart but delivers quality to the user. The ball is now in your court to pick the one that fits your tastes and preferences.