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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 VS. LG V20
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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 LG V20

September 6, 2019

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Bottom line: Which one is better?

LG V20 has; 6.67% more battery power, 1.5X more megapixel on the primary camera, external memory slot, 4x faster downloads, as compared to Samsung galaxy Note 5. It also has other features such as a removable battery, an FM radio and an IPS screen. Samsung galaxy Note 5, however, has a better body design.


Comparing note five vs. lg v20 considers the following design aspects:


  • The two phones share a thickness of 7.6mm


  • Samsung galaxy Note 5 is lighter by only 3g, 171g compared to V20’s 174g.


  • LG V20 weights 159.7mm while Samsung galaxy Note 5 weighs 153.2mm.


  • LG V20 is 78.1mm wide whereas Samsung galaxy. Note 5 is 76.1mm wide.
Bottom Line design
Samsung galaxy Note 5 has a better design compared to LG V20.


In terms of display, this is what the comparison of note 5 vs. v20 looks like:


  • Both have 1440x2560px.

Pixel density;

  • Samsung galaxy Note 5 has a higher pixel density of 518ppi as compared to LGV20 513ppi.

Screen size;

  • Both have 5.7inches.


  • Only LGV20 has an LCD with three sub pixels per pixel.

AMOLED display;

  • This feature is only found in Samsung galaxy Note 5.

IPS screen;

  • Only found in LG V20.

Both phones have branded damage resistant glass.

Bottom Line display
We can see that LG V20 is better compared to Samsung galaxy Note 5.


When you want to judge the performance of v20 vs. note 5, we examine:

RAM speed;

  • LG V20 is faster with its ram speed of 1688 MHz (Qualcomm snapdragon 820 MSM8996) compared to Samsung galaxy Note 5 speed of 1552 MHz (Samsung Exynos 7420)

CPU threads;

  • LG V20 has 4 and is outmatched by the 8 in Samsung galaxy Note 5


  • A RAM of 4gb is common in both

CPU speed;

  • Samsung galaxy Note 5 has a better speed of 8×2.15 GHz while LG V20 has a rate
    of 4×2.15 GHz.

Memory extension;

  • Only available in LG V20.

LG V20 has an out-of-order execution.

The two phones also have similar features such as; LTE, integrated graphics, AES, dynamic frequency scaling, and NX bit.

Bottom Line performance
LG V20 is better.


Back camera;

  • LGV20 has a dual camera system of 16mp and 8mp whereas Note 5 only has a single camera of 16mp.

Front camera;

  • Both have a single 5mp camera.

Video recording;

  • 2160x30fps for both.

Flash leds;

  • LG V20 has a dual tone compared to Samsung galaxy Note 5, which has only 1.

LG V 20 allows manual focus.

Bottom Line cameras
LGV20 is better in clears photos and movies.


Comparing lgv20 vs. note 5 in terms of audio:

Both have a port for a 3.5mm audio jack.

LGV20 has a built in fm radio tuner while Note 5 lacks this.

Bottom Line audio
LG V20 is better in the audio experience.


We use the following specs to review galaxy note 5 vs. lg v20:

Battery power;

  • LG V20 is more potent with its 3200mAh battery compared to Samsung galaxy Note 5 3000mAh.

Wireless charging;

  • Only LG V20 supports this.

Battery fixation;

  • LGV20 has a removable battery while the Samsung galaxy Note 5 is fixed.

Fast charging;

  • Only LGV20 supports fast charging.
Bottom Line battery
LG V20 promises to provide a better battery life thus more convenient.


ANT+ support;

  • Only Note 5 supports this.

USB type C is supported by LG V20 only.

Upload speed;

  • LG V20 150Mbits/s, Note 5 50Mbits/s.

Download speed;

  • LG V20 has 600Mbits/s compared to Note 5’s 150Mbits/s.
Bottom Line special features
LG V20 is better.

It is evident from the analysis above that LG V20 is a better device based on comparable features. Although the price may be slightly higher, it has value for money. Still, the decision at the end will be based on user tastes and preferences.

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