Samsung Galaxy on5 vs. LG k7


Bottom line: Which one is better?

Bottom line: LG k7 is better than Samsung galaxy on5.

This comparison on samsung on5 vs. lg k7 leaves us with the latter as the better phone. This is because it has integrated LTE, an IPS screen, graphics, out of order execution, NX bit, a trust zone, and dynamic frequency scaling. 

Samsung on5 vs. LG k7: DESIGN

When evaluating samsung galaxy on5 vs. lg k7 in terms of the design, we consider:


  • Lg k7 is 143.6mm while samsung on5 is 142.3mm.


  • Lg k7 is 72.5mm while galaxy on5 is 72.1mm


  • Lg k7 weighs 158.8g while samsung on5 is 149g.


  • Lg k7 is 8.9mm thick while samsung on5 is 8.5mm.

Bottom line: LG k7 is better in design.

Samsung on5 vs. LG k7: DISPLAY


  • Lg k7 has a resolution of 480 x 854px while samsung on5 has 720 x 1280px.

They both have the same screen size of 5” in addition to touch screen and LCD with three subpixels per pixels.

LG k7 has an IPS screen which lacks in the on5.

Bottom line: It is evident that lg k7 is better here.

Samsung on5 vs. LG k7: PERFORMANCE

There are several features to consider when comparing lg k7 vs. samsung on5 in terms of performance:


  • Both have a 1.5gb RAM.

OpenGL version;

  • Both have 3.1, but lg k7 has an advanced Android 5.1 Lollipop.

LG k7 has a dynamic frequency scaling, out of order execution, integrated graphics, and LTE.

Bottom line: Again, lg k7 is better in performance.

Samsung on5 vs. LG k7: CAMERAS

The following specs are useful to compare lg k7 vs. galaxy on5 cameras:


  • Both have 8mp.

Front camera;

  • Both have 5mp.

Video recording;

  • Both have 1080 x 30fps.

Both phones have a front camera and flash. However, samsung on5 has a CMOS sensor that lacks in the former.

Bottom line: samsung on5 is better in cameras due to the CMOS sensor advantage.

Samsung on5 vs. LG k7: AUDIO

In terms of the audio experience, we compare lg k7 vs. samsung galaxy on5 based on:


  • Lg k7 has one while samsung on5 has two.

Both the two phones have a socket for a 3.5mm audio jack and have a radio.

Bottom line: Due to the presence of two microphones, samsung on5 is better in the audio experience. 

Samsung on5 vs. LG k7: BATTERY

Battery power;

  • While lg k7 has 2125mAH, samsung on5 has 2600mAH.

Both phones have a rechargeable battery, a removable battery, and a battery level indicator.

Bottom line: Samsung on5 is better due to the higher battery power.

Samsung on5 vs. LG k7: SPECIAL FEATURES

While samsung on5 is a dual sim card phone, lg k7 is not. On the other hand, lg k7 has a compass which is absent in samsung on5.

Bottom line: Here it is a matter of preference, but samsung on5 is better.


In summary, both the two phones compete almost equally. But for this case, lg k7 is better in most of the features. It is a better phone to use, even though it might be a bit costly.