Samsung-Galaxy-S5-blue Samsung Galaxy S5 Blue
Samsung Galaxy S5 Blue VS. Samsung Galaxy S5 Active
samsung-galaxy-s5-active Samsung Galaxy S5 Active

Samsung Galaxy S5 Blue Samsung Galaxy S5 Active

September 6, 2019

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Bottom line: Which one is better?

While reviewing S5 vs S5 Active, Samsung Galaxy S5 Blue is better as it has 16Gb more internal storage, is 25g lighter, is 0.8mm lighter, has wireless charging, has a fingerprint scanner, is 0.9mm narrower, is 3.2mm shorter and has 8 higher GeekBench result (multi-core).


With a review of S5 Active vs S5, we find the following design variations;

Weight; Samsung Galaxy S5 Active weighs 170g while Samsung Galaxy S5 Blue weighs 145g making it lighter.

Thickness; Samsung Galaxy S5 Active is thicker measuring 8.9mm whereas Samsung S5 is 8.1mm thick.

Width; Galaxy S5 Active is 73.4mm wide while Samsung S5 Blue is 72.5mm.

Height; Samsung Galaxy S5 Active is 145.2mm long compared to 142mm of Galaxy S5 Blue.

Bottom Line design
A comparison of Samsung Galaxy S5 vs S5 Active indicates Galaxy S5 Blue is the best because it is slimmer, lighter and portable.


A display of Galaxy S5 vs S5 Active indicates the following;

Resolution; Samsung Galaxy S5 Active has a resolution of 1080 × 1920px, same as Samsung Galaxy S5 Blue.

Pixel density; the two phones have the same pixel density of 432ppi

Screen size; screen size of the two phones is the same, measuring 5.1”

Bottom Line display
The two phones are similar in terms of display but s5 blue is better.


The performance of Galaxy S5 Active vs Galaxy S5 shows the following;

GPU clock speed; both have the same GPU clock speed of 578MHz (Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 MSM8974AC v3).

RAM speed; they share the same RAM speed of 933MHz (Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 MSM8974AC v3).

Floating-point performance; both phones have same floating-point performance of 0.15 TFLOPS (Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 MSM8974Ac v3).

DirectX version; they both have the same DirectX version of 9.3 (Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 MSM8974AC v3).

Bottom Line performance
Both phones have no much differences in terms of performance but s5 blue is better.


Megapixels; the two phones have the same megapixels of 16MP

Built-in optical image stabilization; Samsung Galaxy S5 Active only has this feature.

Front camera megapixels; they share the same feature of 2MP

Video recording (main camera); the two have the same of 2160 × 30fps.

Pixel size; they all have 1.12µ pixel size.

In addition, they all have a flash.

Bottom Line cameras
The two phones have almost similar camera features but s5 blue is better.


Samsung Galaxy S5 Active and Samsung Galaxy S5 Blue have a socket for a 3.5mm audio jack and have 2 microphones each.

Bottom Line audio
s5 blue is better.


Battery power; Samsung S5 Active and Galaxy S5 Blue share the same battery power of 2800mAh.

Wireless charging; Samsung Galaxy S5 Blue alone supports wireless charging.

Both phones have removable battery, ultra-power save mode, battery level indicator and rechargeable battery.

Bottom Line battery
 Samsung Galaxy s5 blue is better because it supports wireless charging.


Samsung Galaxy S5 Active and Galaxy S5 Blue share the following features; Multi-user system, offline voice recognition, supports java, free and open source, allows app installs on the device’s external storage and have sharing intents.

Bottom Line special features
s5 blue is slightly better in special features.

The main difference between Galaxy S5 blue and S5 Active is that, Samsung Galaxy S5 Blue has more internal storage, is lighter, thinner, narrower, shorter, has wireless charging, has fingerprint scanner and has 8 higher GeekBench result which makes it better.

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