Samsung Galaxy S5 Active vs Samsung Galaxy S6 Active

June 28, 2019

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Bottom line: Which one is better?

Bottom line: Samsung galaxy S5 Active triumphs in areas that are considered core to smartphone considerations.

In this comparison on s5 active vs s6 active, Samsung Galaxy S5 Active has; 19.05% faster CPU speed, external memory slot, removable battery, has BSI sensor, has continuous autofocus when recording movies, has manual exposure, as compared to Samsung Galaxy S6 Active.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Active vs Samsung Galaxy S6 Active: DESIGN

The design characteristics of galaxy s6 active vs s5 active compare based on:

Thickness; 8.99mm thickness for S5 active and 6.85mm S6 Active

Weight; 170g weight for S5 Active and 138g weight for S6 Active

 Height; S5 Active has a height of 1425.2mm compared to 143,5mm height of S6 Active

Width; 73.4mm width for S5 Active and 70.6mm for S6 Active.

Bottom line:  Samsung galaxy S5 Active has a better design compared to Samsung galaxy S6 Active

Samsung Galaxy S5 Active vs Samsung Galaxy S6 Active: DISPLAY

The following features are key when comparing samsung galaxy s5 active vs s6 active:

Resolution; S6 Active has a resolution of 1440x2560px whereas S5 Active has a resolution of 1080x1920px.

Pixel density; S5 Active has pixel density of 432ppi as compared to 577ppi of S6 Active.

Screen size; Both have a similar screen size 5.1inches.

AMOLED display; common in both

Both phones have branded damage resistant glass.

Bottom line: We can clearly see that Samsung Galaxy S5 Active will give the user a better visual output.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Active vs Samsung Galaxy S6 Active: PERFOMANCE

Ram speed; S5 active has a   ram speed of 1552 MHz (Qualcomm snapdragon 801 MSM8996) whereas S6 Active has a Ram speed of 1552 MHz (Samsung Exynos 7420)

S5 Active has AES, OUT-OF-ORDER EXECUTION, external memory slot, whereas S6 Active lacks the above features

Ram; A ram of 2GB in S5 Active and a 3GB Ram in S6 Active

CPU speed; S5 Active has a CPU speed of 4x 2.5GHz compared to 4×2.1GHz CPU speed of S6 Active

Internal storage; 16GB for S5 Active and 64GB for S6 Active

The two phones also have a similar feature such as; trust zone, dynamic frequency scaling and NX bit.

Bottom line; Samsung Galaxy S6 Active outshines S5 Active in performance.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Active vs Samsung Galaxy S6 Active: CAMERAS

Back camera; both have 16mp

Front camera; 2mp camera for S5 Active and 5mp for S6 Active.

Video recording; their main cameras are able to record 2160×30 frames per second.

Flash; both phones have a flash.

Phase detection; only available in S5 Active.

Continuous autofocus when recording movies; only available in S5 Active

BSI SENSOR; only available in S5 Active

Bottom line; S5 Active will take more clear photos and movies

Samsung Galaxy S5 Active vs Samsung Galaxy S6 active: AUDIO

 Both have a port for a 3.5mm audio jack

Both have 2 microphones.

Bottom line; Although they both offer similar auditory experience S5 Active will provide a better auditory experience.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Active vs Samsung Galaxy S6 Active: BATTERY

Battery power; S5 Active has 2800mAh battery power compared to 3500mAh of S6 Active

Wireless charging; Only S6 supports this.

Battery fixation; S5 Active has a removable battery while S6 battery is fixed.

Fast charging; Only LGV20 supports fast charging.

Bottom line: S6 Active promises to provide a better battery life thus more convenient.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Active vs Samsung Galaxy S6 Active: SPECIAL FEATURES

Both phones have; a multi-user system, offline voice recognition, supports java, free and open source, have sharing intents,

USB VERSION; 3 in S5 Active and 2 in S6 Active

Bluetooth version; 4.1 in S6 Active and 4 in S5 Active

HDMI output; only available in S6 Active

Barometer; only available in S5 Active,

Bottom line: S5 Active is technologically advanced.


It is evident from the analysis above that Samsung Galaxy S5 Active is a better device based on the comparable features evaluated.