Samsung Galaxy S6 32GB vs Samsung Galaxy S7


Bottom line: which one is better?

While comparing Samsung galaxy s6 vs s7, it is tricky to tell much of a difference due to the fact that they are both products of Samsung.  They differ in operating system where s7 run on v6.0 (Marshmallow) and 6 ran on v5.0.2 (Lollipop) android. The s7 has high Bluetooth of v4.2 and s6 has v4.1. The s6 lacks expandable memory while S7 holds up to 256GB.

Bottom line: The performance and the efficiency of a phone is determined by its operating system, charging capacity and quality display. In this regard I would recommend Galaxy s7.

Samsung Galaxy S6 32GB vs Samsung Galaxy S7: Design

The difference between s6 and s7 in terms of design is that s7 is 1.1mm thicker, 14grams heavier and 1mm shorter over s6. The s6 however comes in more varieties of colors compared to s7.

Bottom line: a shorter phone enhances portability and a color variety enhances its complexion. This makes Galaxy s7 a better phone.

Samsung Galaxy S6 32GB vs Samsung Galaxy S7: Display

Despite the fact that both phones have the same Pixel density of 576ppi, a screen resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels and a super AMOLED screen type, in comparing Samsung s6 vs s7, the s7 has a larger screen to body ratio of 72.18% to that of s6 at 70.76%.

Bottom line: Having a phone with wider screen and large screen to body ratio is impressive. In this case s7 conquers S6 in that and makes it a better Phone.

Samsung Galaxy S6 32GB vs Samsung Galaxy S7: Performance

When it comes to performance, comparison between s7 vs s6 becomes interesting. The s7 has a unique chipset composition to that of s6. The s7 has a higher RAM of 1GB over S6. The s7 has a superior Graphics Mali-T880 MP12 to that of s6 which is Mali-T760 MP8.

Bottom line: looking at the two phones, it is evident that latest state of the art features, high RAM and chipset composition are found in Galaxy s7 thus a better phone.

Samsung Galaxy S6 32GB vs Samsung Galaxy S7: Cameras

The s6 vs s7 when it comes to camera feature is quite impressive as they come out to have exposure compensation and ISO settings. They however differ on image Resolution with s7 on 4000 x 3000 Pixels and s6 on 5312 x 2988 Pixels. Both lack flash cameras but S6 has a higher physical aperture of up to F.9.

Bottom line: Image capturing becomes easier when you have a high image resolution. This shows that s7 wins despite of it having lower physical aperture. The s7 is a better.

Samsung Galaxy S6 32GB vs Samsung Galaxy S7: Audio

There is nothing much to be discussed in the audio feature because of their similarity. Both lack FM radio but loudspeaker is enabled. Both have an audio jack of 3.5mm.

Bottom line:  The similarity in this feature still proves that s7 is a better phone considering analysis done earlier.

Samsung Galaxy S6 32GB vs Samsung Galaxy S7: Battery

Both phones have in-built batteries, charge faster with wireless charging. The s7 has a longer talk time of 22 hours with s6 offering 17 hours, both on 3G. The s7 has a higher charge capacity of 3000mAh to that of s6 at 2550mAh.

Bottom line: It feels good to have a phone that has high charging capacity and longer talk time. It makes the phone moment enjoyable and relieving. This qualifies s7 to be a better phone.

Samsung Galaxy S6 32GB vs Samsung Galaxy S7: Special features

These two phones have common special features as they have fingerprint sensor and high network coverage. The s7 vs s6 however differ on the SIM size where s7 has Nano (Hybrid) while s6 has Nano only.

Bottom line: a sensor located at the back of the phone offers much more safety; this makes s7 a better phone.


Going by the analysis herein, s7 wins for having quality features not forgetting it is affordable at a cheaper price. The ball is now on your court to make the right choice and go for Samsung Galaxy s7 because it is a better phone.