Samsung Galaxy S7 edge vs LG V10

June 11, 2019

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Bottom line: Which one is better?

Bottom line: The Samsung galaxy S7 edge easily takes the crown as the better device since it has superior features that are the core of a smartphone.

This comparison evaluates lg v10 vs galaxy s7, where Samsung galaxy S7 edge has; 20% more battery power, 3.69% higher pixel density, 35g lighter, has a branded resistant glass, is dustproof and water resistance, 0.9mm thinner, weather seal, has wireless charging, as compared to LG V10.

Samsung Galaxy S7edge VS LG V10: DESIGN

The design of galaxy s7 vs lg v10 compares based on:

Thickness; S7 is 7.7mm compared to 8.6mm LG V10

Weight; LG V10 is weighs 192g compared to S7 which weighs 157g.

Height; 159.7mm for LG V10 and 150.9mm for S7 edge, a difference of 8.8mm.

Width; LG V10 has 79.3 mm of width while S7 has 72.6mm.

Volume; The LG V10 displaces a volume than S7 edge, 108.84cm3 as compared to 84.36 of the S7 edge.

Dustproof & water resistance; This feature is only present in S7 edge

Weather seal; Only S7 edge posses this feature

Bottom line: LG V10 is larger and bulkier thus bringing issues with its ease of portability and storage thus making S7 have a better design.

Samsung Galaxy S7edge vs LG V10: DISPLAY

In terms of the display, the following features are important when analyzing lg v10 vs samsung s7:

Resolution; Both phones have the same resolution of 1440X2560pixels

Pixel density; S7 edge has a higher density of 534pixels per inch as compared to LG V10’s density of 515 pixels per inch.

Screen size; LG V10 boasts of a larger display area, 5.7inches whereas S7 edge has 5.5

LCD display; LG V10 has LCD display with 3 subpixels per pixel. This lacks in S7 edge

AMOLED display; Only S7 edge has this feature.

IPS screen; LG V10 has In-Plane Switching screen while S7 edge lacks this.

Samsung galaxy S7 edge has a curved screen while LG V10 screen is flat

Both phones have branded damage resistant glass

Bottom line: S7 promises to offer more clarity in visual output.

Samsung galaxy S7edge VS LGV1O: PERFOMANCE

The performance of lg v10 vs s7 edge compares using the following features:

Ram speed; S7 an advanced ram speed of 1688MHz compared to 933MHz ram speed of LG V10

Ram; A ram of 4gb is common in both

S7 has OUT-OF-ORDER EXECUTION an aspect lacking in LG V10

CPU speed; S7 has a CPU speed of 4×2.15 GHz compared to 6×1.8GHz

Semiconductor size; s7 has a small conductor size of 14nm compared to 20nm of LG V10

The two phones also have a similar features such as; integrated graphics, has AES, 3.1 OPENGL VERSION, dynamic frequency scaling, NX BIT, trust zone, external memory slot

Bottom line; the two phones are very much similar when it comes to their performance though S7 provides a better performance from the advanced ram speed it has.

Samsung galaxy S7edge VS LG V10: CAMERAS

The cameras of v10 vs s7 compare based on:

Back camera; LGV10 has a dual camera system of 16mp and 8mp whereas S7 edge only has a single camera of 12mp

Front camera; Both have a single 5mp camera

Aperture width; LG V10 has width of f/1.8 on its cameras while S7 edge has f/1.7

Video recording; their main cameras are able to record 2160×30 frames per second

Bottom line; LG V10 has a slight edge over s7.

Samsung Galaxy S7edge VS LG V10: AUDIO

Both have a port for a 3.5mm audio jack

Both have two microphones.

Samsung Galaxy S7edge VS LG V10: BATTERY

Bottom line; S7 provides a better audio experience.

Battery power; S7 edge is more powerful with its 3600mAh as compared to 3000mAh of LGV10

Wireless charging; Only S7 supports this

Battery fixation; LG V10 has a removable battery while S7edge is fixed

Fast charging; only s7 supports fast charging

Bottom line: S7 edge provides a better battery life.

Samsung Galaxy S7edge VS LG V10: SPECIAL FEATURES

S7 boasts of advanced features such as heart rate monitor, infrared sensor, more 74 languages supported compared to 68 languages of LG V10 and barometer that LG V10 lacks.

Both phones have; accelerometer, supports bookmarks sync across different devices, can be updated over-the-air, cellular module, used as a WIFI hot spot, has customizable notifications, voice commands.

Bottom line: s7 edge is better in special features.

Conclusion It is evident from the analysis above that although S7 is more expensive it clearly yields value for money. LG V10 is also not deficient of good features but S7 edge wins.