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November 12, 2019

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Bottom line: Which one is better?

When we compare MU6290 Vs MU6300 in this review, Samsung MU6300 is better because it supports Bluetooth out of the box.


In terms of terms of design, Samsung 6290 Vs 6300 have these comparisons;

Stands; the two TVs have similar stands.

Wall mount; each TV has VESA 400×400

Borders; each TV is 0.67” (1.7cm)

Max thickness; each TV has 2.56” (6.5cm).

Max temperature; Samsung MU6300 has 102o F (39o C) while Samsung MU6290 has 97o F (36o C).

Average temperature; Samsung MU6300 has 97oF (36oC) whereas Samsung MU6290 has 91oF (33oC).

Build quality; the two TVs have the same build quality.

Bottom Line design
Samsung MU6290 is better as it stays cool under prolonged use.


The picture qualities of Samsung MU6290 Vs MU6300 have these comparisons;

Native contrast; Samsung MU6300 has 5768:1 while Samsung MU6290 has 48:1

SDR Real scene peak brightness; Samsung MU6300 has 326 cd/m2 whereas Samsung MU6290 has 321 cd/m2

HDR real scene peak brightness; Samsung MU6300 has 330 cd/m2 whereas Samsung MU6290 has 307 cd/m2.

Gray uniformity; the gray uniformity of Samsung MU6290 is better than that of Samsung MU6300.

Viewing angle; Samsung MU6300 has a poor viewing angle than Samsung MU6290

Black uniformity; Samsung MU6300 has an excellent black uniformity.

Native std. Dev. Samsung MU6300 has 0.592% while Samsung MU6290 has 0.680%

Total reflections; Samsung MU6300 has 5.9%, the same as Samsung MU6290

Indirect reflections; Samsung MU6300 has 0.6% while Samsung MU6290 has 1.1%

White balance; Samsung MU6300 has 3.08 while Samsung MU6290 has 3.57

Color dE; Samsung MU6300 has 2.19 while Samsung MU6290 has 3.23

Gamma; Samsung MU6300 has 2.28 while Samsung MU6290 has 2.29

Color temperature; Samsung MU6300 has 6380K whereas Samsung MU6290 has 5915k.

Picture mode; the two TVs have movie.

Post calibration; Samsung MU6300 has 9.4* whereas Samsung MU6290 has 9.2*

480p input; each has 8.0*

720p input; each TV has 8.0*

1080p input; each TV has 9.0*

4k input; each 10*

Color Gamut; Samsung MU6300 has 6.7* whereas Samsung MU6290 has 6.8*

Color volume: Samsung MU6300 has 5.8* whereas Samsung MU6290 has 5.6*

Bottom Line picture quality
Samsung MU6300 is better.


Response time; Samsung MU6300 has 7.6* while Samsung MU6290 has 7.3*

Flicker-Free; Samsung MU6300 has 4.0*, the same as Samsung MU6290.

Dimming frequency; each TV has 120Hz.

Black Frame Insertion (BSI); the two TVs are similar (9.1*)

Motion interpolation; each TV has the same performance in terms of motion interpolation.

Stutter; Samsung MU6300 has 8.28 while Samsung MU6290 has 8.5*.

Frame Hold Time 24fps; Samsung MU6300 has 23.0ms whereas Samsung MU6290 has 20.3ms

Variable refresh; the two TVs don’t support any variable refresh rate features.

Native refresh rate; each TV has 860Hz.

Bottom Line motion
the two TVs have the same motion features.


The input features of Samsung MU6300 Vs MU6290 include the following;

Input lag; each TV is at 9.2*

1080p @ 60; Samsung MU6300 has 20.2ms whereas Samsung MU6290 has 19.8ms

1080p @ Hz outside Game mode; Samsung MU6300 has 80.3ms

4k @ 60Hz + HDR; Samsung MU6300 has 20.2ms while Samsung MU6290 has 20.5ms

4k @ 60 Hz outside Game mode; Samsung MU6300 has 97.9ms while Samsung MU6290 has 84.5ms

4k @ 60 Hz with interpolation; Samsung MU6300 has 97.6ms while Samsung MU6290 has 84.6ms.

Supported resolution; Samsung MU6300 has 8.2*, the same as Samsung MU6290.

1080p @ 60 Hz @ 4:4:4; the two TVs support tis.

The two TVs don’t support 1440p @ 120 Hz and 1440p @ 60 Hz

Total inputs; the two TVs have the same inputs.

HDMI; each has 3.

USB; each TV has 2.

Digital Optical Audio out; each TV has 1.

Tuner cable; each TV has 1.

Ethernet; each TV has 1.

Input specifications; the two TVs have the same specification features.

Audio Pass-through; the two TVs have the same audio Pass-through features.

Bottom Line inputs
the two TVs can display almost all content and have low input lag


Frequency response; Samsung MU6300 has 6.5* whereas Samsung MU6290 has 6.3*

Samsung MU6300 produces a better sound quality than Samsung MU6290.

Distortion; Samsung MU6300 has 6.6* while Samsung MU6290 has 6.2*

Bottom Line sound quality
Samsung MU6300 is better as it has a better sound quality.


Smart OS version; the two TVs operate on Tizen platforms.

Interface; the interface of the two TVs are easy to use, have an average smoothness and takes little time to select YouTube.

Ad-free; the two TVs have ads.

Apps and features; the two TVs have an equivalent of 8.5 in terms of apps and features. They come with preloaded apps and other apps can be downloaded from Samsung app store

TV controls; the two TVs have joysticks at the back/right that acts as a physical TV control for changing volume and channels.

Remote; Samsung MU6300 uses a smart remote while Samsung MU6290 uses a basic remote.

Bottom Line smart features
Samsung MU6300 is better.

In this review, Samsung MU6300 is a better TV when we compare MU6300 Vs MU6290 as it has a better remote, voice control and Bluetooth headset option.

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