samsung-mu8000 screenshot Samsung MU8000
Samsung MU8000 VS. Samsung MU7000
samsung-mu7000 screenshot Samsung MU7000

Samsung MU8000 Samsung MU7000

October 3, 2019

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Bottom line: Which one is better?

Samsung MU8000 is a better TV when we compare MU7000 vs MU8000 as it has a local dimming feature, better motion handling with faster response time as well better motion interpolation. It also gets brighter and handles reflections better in a bright room.


The design features of Samsung MU7000 Vs MU8000 have the following comparison;

Stand; each TV has a stand

Wall mount; the two TVS can be mounted on wall.

Borders; MU8000 has 0.31” (0.8cm) whereas MU7000 has 0.55” (1.4cm)

Max thickness; MU8000 is 2.09” (5.3cm) whereas MU7000 is 2.17” (5.5cm)

Max temperature; MU8000 has 100oF (33oC) whereas MU7000 has 111oF (44oC)

Average temperature; MU8000 has 94oF (33oC) whereas MU7000 has 97oF (36oC)

Bottom Line design
MU8000 is better as it doesn’t heat up faster when used for longer periods.


Native contrast; MU8000 has 4723:1 whereas MU7000 has 6362:1

Local dimming MU8000 has local dimming

SDR real scene peak brightness; MU8000 has 385cd/m2 whereas MU7000 has 342cd/m2

HDR real scene peak brightness; MU8000 has 417cd/m2 while MU7000 has 338cd/m2

Gray uniformity; MU8000 has 7.8 while MU7000 7.6

50% std. Dev; MU8000 has 4.068% whereas MU7000 has 3.189%

50% DSE; MU8000 has 0.150% while MU7000 has 0.164%

Viewing angle; MU8000 has 4.2 while MU7000 has 4.3

Black uniformity; MU8000 has 7.1 while MU7000 has 7.3

Native std. Dev; MU8000 has 1.271% whereas MU7000 has 1.118%

Total reflections; MU8000 has 6.0% while MU7000 has 5.8%

Pre-calibration; MU8000 has 8.9 while MU7000 has 7.1

White balance dE; MU8000 has 1.84 while MU7000 has 4.06

Color dE; MU8000 has 1.40 whereas MU7000 has 2.78

Gamma; MU8000 has 2.16 while MU7000 has 2.32

Picture mode; the two TVs have movie

Post calibration; each TV has 9.5

White color dE; MU8000 has 0.38 whereas MU7000 has 0.19

Color dE; MU8000 has 1.20 while MU7000 has 2.21

Gamma; MU8000 has 2.20 whereas MU7000 has 2.21

Bottom Line picture quality
MU8000 is better


Response time; MU8000 has 8.8 while MU7000 has 6.3

100% response time; MU8000 has 13.3ms whereas MU7000 has 20.7ms

Flicker-free; the two TVs don’t have flicker-free

Black Frame Insertion (BSI); the two TVs have optional BSI

Motion interpolation (30fps); the two TVs have this

Motion interpolation (60fps); MU8000 has this.

Variable refresh rate; the two don’t have variable rate.

Bottom Line motion
MU8000 is better


Input lag; MU8000 has 8.9 whereas MU7000 has 9.1

1080p @ 60 Hz; MU8000 has 24.2ms whereas MU7000 has 21.0ms

1080p @ 60 Hz outside game mode; MU8000 has 79.1ms whereas MU7000 has 83.2ms

Supported resolutions; each TV has 8.2

1080p @ 60 Hz @ 4:4:4; the two TVs support this.

Total inputs; each TV has 1 digital optical audio out, 1 tuner (cable/Ant) and 1 Ethernet. MU8000 has 4 HDMI while MU7000 has 3, 3 USB while MU7000 has 2.

Inputs specifications; each TV has HDR10, HLG, HDMI 2.1 and Wi-Fi support.

Audio pass-through; each TV has ARC, Dolby digital and DTS

Bottom Line inputs
MU7000 is better


Frequency response; MU8000 has 6.8 whereas MU7000 has 6.7

Low-frequency extension; MU8000 has 71.27Hz while MU7000 has 89.80Hz

Std. Dev. @ Max; MU8000 has 7.49db while MU7000 has 6.26dB

Max; MU8000 has 90.8dB SPL while MU7000 has 89.dB SPL

Distortion; MU8000 has 6.2 while MU7000 has 6.4

Weighted THD @ Max; MU8000 has 2.528 while MU7000 has 1.607

IMD @ Max; MU8000 has 14.91% whereas MU7000 has 15.95%

Bottom Line sound quality
MU8000 is better


Smart OS; the two TVs operate on Tizen, versions 2017

Interface; the two TVs are easy to use and have average smoothness.

Ad-free; the two TVs have ads

Apps and features; the two TVs have apps and features preinstalled.

Remote; the two TVs have small sized remotes.

TV controls; the two TVs have TV controls

Bottom Line smart features
MU8000 and MU7000 have the same smart features.

In this review of Samsung 7000 Vs 8000, MU8000 is a better TV as it has a local dimming feature that improves blacks in dark rooms.

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