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Sophos VS AVG
March 15, 2020

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Bottom line: Which one is better?

Bottom line: AVG is a better antivirus than Sophos.

In this review of Sophos vs AVG we consider AVG as a better product because it is lightweight, simple and free. It also has advanced premiums at different budget plans that can suit your preferred plan. AVG is preferred as it gives desired protection from all kinds of malware that your device might encounter. It suits beginners as well as the regular internet users.


In this review, AVG is a preferred entry level even though it is not as powerful as its contenders; it has been proven to perform well in recent repeated tests. The AV test institute proved works effectively as it had 6 points usability, 6 for malware protection and 5.5 for its performance. It also managed to stop a whopping 98.3% of zero-day threats encountered.

In addition, AVG was tested and had a perfect 100% effectiveness in stopping unnecessary programs with 2 false positives. It performs well against malware and protects your device against malicious programs. The free AVG antivirus free secures you from ransomware threats and is strong on phishing threats as well. It is also easy to use.

Sophos on the other hand is outclassed by AVG as it just managed to block just two out of the ten phishing URLs on a Phishing protection carried. However, on Wicar samples, Sophos proved to be good as it blocked all malicious URL. It is also an easy to use product. Below is a breakdown of the same;

Real-time antivirus; the two products have real-time antivirus.

Manual Virus scanning; Sophos and AVG have manual virus scanning.

USB virus scan; both AVG and Sophos have USB virus scan.

Registry start-up scan; Sophos and AVG have registry start-up scan.

Auto virus scanning; AVG and AVG have auto virus scanning.

Scheduled scan; both AVG and Sophos have scheduled scan.

Email protection; AVG has email protection.

Adware protection; the two products have Adware protection.

Personal firewall; AVG has personal firewall.

Safe browser; AVG has safe browser.

Bottom line: AVG is a better antivirus than Sophos when it comes to security as it has email protection, personal firewall and safe browser.


The features of Sophos and AVG vary slightly. Sophos is slightly cheaper as compared to AVG and is capable of protecting up to ten devices at the same time. It is also compatible with Windows, Mac, IOS and android, and in addition, a parental control feature.

AVG on the other hand is compatible with Windows, Mac and android. It is good in malware protection; it’s fast and lightweight with additional tools like the shredder, web security plugin and VPN solution. It is also and easy to operate product for even beginners. Below is a comparison break down of Sophos and AVG in terms of their features;

Antispyware; Sophos and AVG have Anti-spyware.

Anti-Worm; AVG and Sophos have Anti-Worm.

Anti-Trojan; both Sophos and AVG have Anti-Trojan.

Anti-Rootkit; both Sophos and AVG have Anti-Rootkit.

Anti-Phishing; AVG and Sophos have Anti-Phishing features.

Anti-Spam; AVG has Anti-Spam.

Ease of use; Sophos and AVG have 4/5.

Parental control; Sophos has parental control.

VPN service; AVG has VPN service.

Device Tune-up; AVG has device tune-up.

Live help; Sophos has live help.

Phone support; Sophos has phone support.

Email support; Sophos has email support.

Ticket support; both Sophos and AVG have ticket support.

Bottom line: AVG is better than Sophos as it has Anti-Spam, VPN service and device tune-up.


The compatibility feature comparisons of Sophos and AVG include the following;

Compatible with Windows; Sophos and AVG are compatible with Windows.

Compatible with Mac; AVG and Sophos are compatible with Mac.

Compatible with IOS; Sophos alone is compatible with IOS.

Compatible with android; both Sophos and AVG are compatible with android.

Bottom line: Sophos is a better antivirus as it is compatible with IOS.

Sophos vs AVG: PRICING

Sophos and AVG are priced as follows;

Starting price; Sophos has a starting price of $30 whereas AVG has $63.99.

Discount available; Sophos has an available discount of 50% whereas AVG has 20%.

Money back guarantee; AVG and Sophos have money back guarantee of 30 days on each.

Bottom line: Sophos is better as it is cheaper and has a 30% better discount compared to AVG.


AVG is a better product regardless of the starting price as it has an alternative free platform in addition to many other unique features.

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