Strikingly vs WordPress

February 5, 2021

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Bottom line: Which one is better?

Bottom line: Strikingly is better.

In this review, strikingly is a better web builder over WordPress as it easy to use, has a great appearance and is less technical.

Strikingly vs WordPress: TEMPLATES

When it comes to choosing the best web builder, the first job you have to encounter on the platform you are using is choosing a template or a theme for the case of WordPress. The type of template or theme you choose greatly determines how your web site will look or feel.

Strikingly is a web builder that has 28 free templates which you can choose from and their categories are business, start-up, portfolio, blog, online store and blog. Strikingly templates will help you to modify your website by changing its color, text as well as images so that it suits your desire.

WordPress on the other side has a variety of selection as it has thousands of modern and professional looking templates you can choose from. Strikingly WordPress themes are operate differently. Strikingly templates are created by their in-house design team unlike WordPress which is an open source platform hence the themes are created by various developers across the globe and most of them are free while others have its prices ranging from $20-$100.

Bottom line: WordPress is better as it has an array of selections.

Strikingly vs WordPress: EASE OF USE

Most people prefer a platform which is the easiest to use. Some web builders are a bit technical to use and will require a lot of time to figure out how it operates. Strikingly has an easy to use platform that can take you a couple of minutes to create. Some the sections of Strikingly have already pre-made content whereby you just drag it to the required place to build your page quite easily and faster.

WordPress requires a lot of time and it can take you even several days to familiarise with its functionality. It is a platform that can even take you years to learn new things as it offers a lot more features to learn and familiarise with.

Bottom line: Strikingly is better in terms of ease of use.

Strikingly vs WordPress: FLEXIBITY

Strikingly puts much of its focus on one-page websites but have an option of creating regular multiple-page website of up to 20 pages which is available on the top plan.

WordPress on the other hand is a versatile platform that allows you to create any type of website you desire to have like blogs, any kind of business sites, online shops that can handle 1,000 transactions each day, portfolios, membership and photography sites and many more. This makes WordPress more versatile than Strikingly.

Bottom line: WordPress is more flexible.

Strikingly vs WordPress: HELP AND SUPPORT

Strikingly web builder has customer support team that gives assistance by means of live chat as well as email. No matter how much you need assistance from the customer service team, you will get the required help.

WordPress on the hand doesn’t have a central customer service where you can raise your issues, instead they offer tutorials and videos on the internet where you can watch and learn basic and advanced techniques. You can also get assistance from your hosting company or developers themselves.

Bottom line: Strikingly is better as it offers support through email and live chat.

Strikingly vs WordPress: PRICING

When it comes to pricing, the two web builders offer different pricing plans. Strikingly pricing is in three plans that you can choose from which include free, limited and pro. Limited plan is billed at $8/month when billed annually and you get a free custom domain name. The pro plan on the other hand is billed at $16/month when billed annually and allows you to create a website with several pages.

WordPress on the other hand has no pricing plan structure as its pricing is only determined with the company you choose to operate with and it varies from as low as $3 to $250+ every month.

Bottom line: WordPress is better as its pricing is not fixed and is determined by the company you operate with.


Comparing Strikingly and WordPress in this review, it is quite evident that WordPress is better as it is easy to use, has a great appearance and is less technical.

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