Taskworld vs Trello

February 7, 2021

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Bottom line: Which one is better?

Bottom line: Taskworld is better.

The reasons why Taskworld is a better project management solution that Trello when we compare Taskworld vs Trello is that Taskworld has visual boards with super powers that tracks your task and give notifications on time, gives you a solution to power ups with visual boards, team messaging, time tracking, calendars, project timeline and dashboards in just one app with the assistance of external integrations. Taskworld is capable of grouping all files that are familiar to a particular project in a secure space as it acts like a bookshelf.

Taskworld vs Trello: FEATURES

Taskworld is a collaborative project management solution that has built-in chat designed to meet the needs of both small and large teams. Its purpose is to centralise the entire team directing all the tasks and efforts in a desired direction for effective communication. It also allows you to arrange your tasks according to how you want to perform them (daily, weekly, monthly or yearly). Each task can be edited and updated regardless of the stage of the task even by the use of a mobile.

Trello on the other hand is an online collaborative workspace solution that suits both personal and business projects. It has an intuitive interface whereby you can drag and drop your work. It basically uses cards to organize projects you are dealing with both on an individual level basis as well as teamwork level to manage tasks at hand, to plan lessons as well act as a community bulletin.

Below is a summary comparison of the two solutions;

Collaboration tools; both Taskworld and Trello have collaboration tools.

Create subtasks; both Taskworld and Trello can create subtasks.

Gantt/Timeline view; Trello has Gantt/Timeline view.

Mobile Access; Trello has mobile access.

Percentage-complete tracking; both Taskworld and Trello have percent-complete tracking.

Recurring task management; both Taskworld and Trello have recurring task management.

Time tracking; Taskworld has time tracking.

Bottom line: Trello is better.

Taskworld vs Trello: WORK MANAGEMNENT

Taskworld deals with lists and boards to manage workflows as well as preferences and the user can drag and drop an assignment or an edited task. This minimizes time consumption needed to navigate the allotment to your working team as all notes, dates, comments and follow ups are placed on the same dashboard. The system has other amazing templates that can add value to your project if utilized accordingly.

Trello on the other hand utilizes boards that correspond to projects. The boards have cards which in this case represent tasks and these cards have lists that can track the project progress or alternatively categorize items. In addition, Trello has an incredible fast and powerful search together with labels that group your cards for you to humble time to find and filter them at your convenient time.

Bottom line: Taskworld is better.

Taskworld vs Trello: COLLABORATION

Taskworld has advanced collaboration features as it is a platform whereby users can set recurring tasks to avoid creation of the same tasks daily. It is through the collaboration suite that users are able to comment, bring ideas or just go through the progress of the project. The platform also comprises of an in-built chat feature that has both public channels whereby the entire company can see and individual whereby you can choose the member you want to connect with.

Trello on the other hand is a popular and preferred task management and project collaboration solution that suits several teams and companies of all sizes. It has an easy to use interface, intuitive, can be customized and is very reliable. With Trello, users can get notifications in case there is a new task added, when there are changes or updates made. It allows real time collaboration by its users as it notifies the users in of any developments in their project.

Bottom line: Taskworld is better.

Taskworld vs Trello: PRICING

Taskworld has got a total of 3 plans. There is the free trial, professional that goes for $10.99 per user per month and then the enterprise for large enterprises which demands dedicated server and its pricing can be found when you contact the vendor.

Trello has 4 pricing plans which include a free trial for 1 month, free, business class that goes at $9.99 per user per month and enterprise plan that goes for $20.83 per user per month.

Bottom line: Trello is better.


Taskworld is better in this review as it has superior features as compared to Trello.

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