Tenda AC11 Review


The Tenda AC11 is a dual-band wireless router that is designed to suit large scale homes which allow 200-megabit and above fibre optic. It features signal enhancement module, transferring signal enhancement technology, signal coverage of up to 120 square meters which can wear three walls and 5 x 6dBi high gain antenna. It also support signal strength adjustment according to the specific use environment.

Design and features

With Tenda AC11 review, this is a dual-band wireless router that has 5 x 6dBi enhanced antennas that have omnidirectional design which are capable of increasing coverage by 30% as compared to the common 4 x 5dBi dual-band routers. The overall coverage is translated to about 120 square meters of large units and at the same it is capable of accessing the internet after three walls.

It features Gigabit wired port that supports 200 megabits and above fiber access, two-way 5G Wi-Fi design that can achieve 867 megabytes of Wi-Fi access intelligent terminal so that the 200 megabits and above are used. It has a beamforming signal intelligent tracking technology so that the signal is no longer subject to the wall barrier so that the user is capable of achieving high-speed wireless network life.

It also has the MU-MIMO technology which is basically the 802.11 ac standard that is capable of keeping transmission speeds at the peak even when multiple devices are using the same network at the same time.

In addition, it has 1xWAN & 3xLAN Gigabit ports which are designed for high-performance router. They offer up to 1000mbps connections

It features a high performance CPU of 1GHz that ensures that the speed of the network data processing is better. It is also known to adopt the 28nm manufacturing process, stronger performance and lower power consumption.

Tenda AC11 reviews features a new generation of 11AC wave 2, dual concurrent rate of up to 1167mpbs, 2.4GHz and 5GHz which are essentially used to aid in the wireless amplification technology. The product weighs about 0.3600 kg.


Installation and performance

The user can freely switch the signal low power/standard/enhancement mode through the App so as to meet the Wi-Fi usage requirements in different environments using the signal strength adjustment function. By enabling the Anti-mite Network function and the device is connected to the router, the app receives a push reminder and if it is found to be an illegal device, then it will be blacked out directly on the app. It has the latest account password migration function. You can connect the WAN port of the old router to the LAN port of AC11 and then automatically copy the broadband account password when the power is on.

Pricing and availability

The pricing of Tenda AC11 reviewed is $40.00 and it is a good product you can have for large scale homes that are suitable for 200M and above fiber-optic homes.


The Tenda AC11 Wi-Fi router is amongst the best powerful routers available by Tenda. If you are looking for the fastest router that has widest coverage and strong connection then the Tenda AC Wi-Fi router is best for you. The AC11 router is very flexible that enables you to manage wireless cameras, print and share files wirelessly over the Wi-Fi connection. You can also stream videos and much more without experiencing buffing.

If you want to save on your money and go for a pocket friendly router you can go for one of the other Tenda routers like the Tenda AC10 or Tenda AC9. A larger home however requires a strong and reliable network connection, then the Tenda AC11, Tenda AC15 and Tenda AC18 are the favourite.