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January 18, 2021

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Bottom line: Which one is better?

Bottom line: TotalAV is better

The reason why TotalAV is a better antivirus is that, even though it lacks some advanced features to wrestle with top brands, it has a free version that can protect your device. In addition, TotalAV has some standard features, has a user-friendly interface and a supper smooth attitude. It has a 30-day Money Back Guarantee.

TotalAV vs Malwarebytes: SECURITY

TotalAV is capable of defending your device against viruses, Trojan, malware and clickjacking and it runs smoothly in the background without interfering with your tasks. During it scan, it looks for the speed performance of your PC and maintain its performance as well speed it has the VPN that gives the most desired protection while your accessing the website. It totally offers protection to your computer against malware just like other top contenders.

Malwarebytes is a product designed to be an addition to the security of your OS as it is not capable of replacing an antivirus solution fully. It does not put its focus in comprehensive protection against malware threats but only detects the most new malware and this is what makes this a special tool. The only problem is that it can’t work on its own as an antivirus but needs to be joined with another traditional antivirus. In ransomware simulator test, Malwarebytes managed to deal with it within seconds encrypting only four files. In terms of clean up, Malwarebytes can be trusted; below is a summary of the two antiviruses;

Real-time antivirus; TotalAV and Malwarebytes have real-time antivirus.

Manual virus scanning; TotalAV and Malwarebytes have manual virus scanning.

USB virus scan; TotalAV has USB virus scan.

Registry start-up scan; TotalAV and Malwarebytes have this feature.

Auto virus scanning; TotalAV and Malwarebytes have this feature.

Scheduled scan; the two antiviruses have scheduled scan.

Chat/IM protection; TotalAV has this feature.

VPN service; TotalAV has VPN service.

Personal firewall; TotalAV has personal firewall.

Safe browser; TotalAV has safe browser.

Bottom line: TotalAV is a better antivirus than Malwarebytes.

TotalAV vs Malwarebytes: FEATURES

TotalAV is a company that has been around for just about 2 years and yet it is proving to compete with traditional brands that have been on the scene over a decade. TotalAV has a free version although it is very limited with features but is capable of detecting malware and boost your PC’s performance. TotalAV is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android and iOS and with other features like clean-up and system boost are essential in keeping your PC at its normal condition. In addition, TotalAV is unique in its own way as it is capable of deleting duplicates without your knowledge.

Malwarebytes is a good product that is capable in protecting and eliminating ransomware and other exploits that are potential threats to your computer. The scans of Malware are fast and thorough and it is light on the system. It is also easy to install and use and has a free and decent edition that its users can try. Below are simplified features of the two products;

Antispyware; both TotalAV and Malwarebytes have anti-spyware.

Anti-worm; TotalAV and Malwarebytes have anti-worm.

Anti-Trojan; both TotalAV and Malwarebytes have Anti-Trojan.

Anti-Rootkit; TotalAV and Malwarebytes have anti-rootkit.

Anti-phishing; TotalAV and Malwarebytes have anti-phishing.

Ease of use; TotalAV has 5/5 whereas Malwarebytes has 4/5.

Smartphone optimizer; TotalAV has this feature.

Device tune-up; TotalAV has device tune-up.

Live help; both TotalAV and Malwarebytes have live help.

Phone support; TotalAV has phone support.

Email support; TotalAV has email support.

Ticket support; both TotalAV and Malwarebytes have ticket support.

Bottom line: TotalAV is better in terms of features.

TotalAV vs Malwarebytes: COMPATIBILITY

Compatible with Windows; TotalAV and Malwarebytes are compatible with windows.

Compatible with Mac; the two products are compatible with Mac.

Compatible with iOS; TotalAV is compatible with iOS.

Compatible with Android; TotalAV and Malwarebytes are compatible with Android.

Bottom line: TotalAV is better in terms of compatibility.

TotalAV vs Malwarebytes: PRICING

Starting price; TotalAV has $19.95 while Malware has $39.99

Discount available; TotalAV has 78%.

Money Back Guarantee; TotalAV has 30 days whereas Malware has 60 days.

Bottom line: TotalAV is better in terms of pricing.


In this review of TotalAV vs Malwarebytes, TotalAV is a better antivirus because it offers the desired protection to your device and your data.

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