Trello vs Asana

September 3, 2019

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Bottom line: Which one is better?

Bottom line: Asana is better

When we compare Trello vs Asana in this review, Asana is better as it easy to use, has more features and has a better pricing plan as compared to Trello.

Trello vs Asana: FEATURES

Trello and Asana have plenty common features. Trello and Asana can allow you to create tasks and arrange them in lists. In addition, the tasks can be categorized for easier management. With Trello and Asana, you are able to track each team member’s designated responsibilities and create subtasks. You can also invite other users to your team update everyone automatically with relevant changes.

Trello has the capability of allowing the user to drag and drop tasks from column to show the stage each team member is at as it is a Kanban board. It is possible to customize it accordingly using your own columns and labels and receive notifications from relevant updates.

Asana on the other hand allows the user to arrange tasks and group them just as Trello only that the way in which the sections are grouped with Asana makes tracking easier for larger projects. Trello makes it difficult for the user to filter out irrelevant things when you are dealing with many columns.

Asana also allows the user to view all things in calendar and timeline formats to keep track of what is going. The calendar is essential in managing your time appropriately while timeline gives you a better view how the tasks flow and what is remaining in your project.

The two platforms allow you to comment on specific tasks hence the conversation is in one place. This therefore makes it easy to engage in any discussions anytime as you get involved in each task and you get to see what everyone is commenting if you join the conversation.

Bottom line: Asana is better

Trello vs Asana: WORK MANAGEMENT

Trello is a flexible and very simple solution in concept whereby a board can represent a project, a department, a team or any other type of grouping. Users then can create any number of lists they want in the board by means of subdividing the board. Cards make further subdivisions of the board components into manageable and movable work items or tasks for easy tracking. The card details can have messages, file attachments, checklists and many more. Power-ups and integration can be added by users.

Asana on the other hand has got task management and project tracking features. This software has tools that allow users to know what each team member is doing. These tools simplify and automate a number of actions that are essential in creating, assigning as well as updating tasks and other work tasks. There is collaboration as users are able to communicate easily with each member on board.

Bottom line: Asana is better.

Trello vs Asana: COLLABORATION

Trello has the free version that allows you to add as many members as you wish on your list unlike Asana that limits you to just 15 team members in its free addition, Trello allows you to share attachments with other team members with limits of 10MB or 250MB as per the plan you are using. Asana limits you to just 100MB meaning that Trello is better. The two solutions allow the users to attach as many files as they want hence they are all great solutions of online file sharing.

Bottom line: Trello is better.

Trello vs Asana: PRICING

Trello and Asana platforms allow you to start with free plans with plenty of offers for non-payers. Trello has several editions with the free plan having just enough for basic task management and project tracking having an option of one Power-up. The gold edition basically is a free plan upgrade that goes for $45 per year. The business class goes for $9.99 per user per month and the Enterprise goes for $20.83 per user per month for a certain number of users.

Asana on the other hand has a couple of plans with a free version for up to 15 members having basic task management features and views. The paid versions have more advanced features, views and support. The premium plan goes for $9.99 per user per month billed annually, business plan for $19.99 per user per month billed annually and an enterprise plan which can be available upon request.

Bottom line: Asana is better.


Asana is a better solution when we compare Asana vs Trello as it has superior features and a better pricing.