Vankyo V600 Review

October 7, 2019

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In this Vankyo V600 Review we feature a relatively high-end but powerful LED projector that can be incorporated best to suit your business presentations and home theatres. With some downsides, the Vankyo V600 reviewed features a great and high-performance projector when we compare it to some of its competitors.

Design and Features

Vankyo performance V600 review includes a rectangular projector which an attractive aesthetics. The appearance of the projector at point doesn’t match the price tag but it is has a very simple appearance compared to other Vankyo projectors like the Leisure series. The user interface isn’t attractive at all.

The projector has an SD card slot, 3.5 mm AV jack and 3.5 mm headphone audio jack positioned on the right side. The back of the projector features two USB, HDMI, power, and VGA ports. Regardless of the ventilation gates situated on the bottom of the projector, it gets pretty hot after about an hour of operation.

The Vankyo V600 design and feature reviews include 1080p resolution capabilities with a large projection display which makes it attractive most clients. With the Full HD projection of the Vankyo V600 you can have a display of up to 300 inches (25 feet) wide. To achieve this size the distance of the projector should be about 30 feet away from the screen. It has a minimum size of 50 inches at 5.5 feet away.

The Vankyo V600 also allows you to connect your iPhone to it via the Lightning to HDMI adapter as well as your Android via a micro USB to HDMI adapter. It also has an HDMI cable that allows you connect your TV, DVD player, and laptop or game console. Other external connectivity options offered by this projector include a USB flash drive, hard drive as well as SD card. It gives provision option of VGA, 3.5 mm headphone port and a 3.5 mm AV port. It has a net weight of 2.58 grams and unit size is 300mm x 231mm x 104mm.

Data testing

It is very bright at 4000 lumens which can work perfectly in lighted environments. It has great contrast, colours and other image functionalities. It also features a clear focus and the 1080p Full HD resolution delivered by this projector is impressive. With the adjustment dial, you are able to achieve a crystal clear image and colour presentation.

Video and audio

The Vankyo V600 projector boasts of dual Hi-Fi speaker performance from 5 watt speakers. It has thin and tiny sound that comes out of the back of the case. It has a very loud volume compared to other projectors of its calibre but lacks quality and frequency. A separate sound system would work well for audio than its natural sound. It has 3.5 mm AV jack and 3.5 mm headphone jack as well as two USB ports for iPhone and phones that use the USB port for audio.

The projector is the least expensive that can be recommended to use in playing video games. It looks great when you compare it to your standard HD TV and when projected to 300-inches display even the tiniest word appear clear. Gaming images are viewable even in the sun. You can also watch your favourite cartoons and bright movies on even with the blinds open although games won’t appear much detailed.


The Vankyo V600 projector is grouped as mid-tier device which is between cheaper models that are under $100 and more professional priced at $400+. 4K projectors and even 1080p fall in the category of most expensive devices that have modern technology. Vankyo is an affordable device and yet offers a better performance that is above its price tag.

Most high priced projectors cannot produce a good and strong picture for gaming in the sun as the Vankyo V600 can. This projector is good enough as a substitute for a 1080p TV and even throwing rock band 4 events in full HD on a 300-inch display. Nothing does this apart from the Vankyo V600 at a cheaper price.

However, with modern technology this projector comes without Wi-Fi connectivity and it has a sort of crappy remote. A better price friendly projector other than Vankyo would be Vankyo’s Leisure 410.