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Webroot VS. Avast
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February 13, 2020

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Bottom line: Which one is better?

When we compare Webroot vs Avast, Avast is preferred because; it has a strong and reliable protection from various types of malware, has free password manager and free web-browser, has home network scanning feature, mobile security feature, the do no not disturb mode that allows suspending notifications during gaming, is lightweight and does not slow down your PC noticeably and has affordable premium versions.


When we compare Avast vs Webroot, Webroot is an antivirus that is cloud-based with just 15MB of available space in your hard drive required.

The difference with other antivirus products, Webroot is unique in the sense that it searches behavioural patterns and metadata. It suspends and monitors unknown ups that are suspiciously dangerous and lets everything for the cloud to play its part. This means that there is no processing done on your OS. By this means, it is hard for any lab test to prove its effectiveness. Webroot is capable of protecting your logins or passwords from malware hacking.

Avast on the other hand can detect and eliminate 99% of threats with a 6 out of 6 score for protection level on your device. It also has a 95.5% score in Real-World protection Test of AV-Comparative. In the MRG-Effitas’ banking Trojans test, Avast got level 2certification for malware protection capabilities. Their security features include;

Real-time Antivirus; Webroot and Avast have Real-time Antivirus.

Manual Virus scanning; both Webroot and Avast have Manual Virus Scanning.

USB Virus scan; both Webroot and Avast have USB virus scan.

Registry start-up scan; Webroot and Avast have registry start-up scan.

Auto virus scanning; both Webroot and Avast have auto virus scanning.

Scheduled scan; Webroot and Avast have scheduled scan.

Email protection; Webroot has email protection, the same as Avast.

Adware prevention; both Avast and Webroot have Adware prevention.

Personal firewall; Webroot and Avast have personal firewalls.

Safe browser; Avast and Webroot have safe browsers.

Bottom Line security
Webroot and Avast have the same security features.


By comparing the features of Webroot and Avast, the performance of Webroot is slightly different to that of Avast as per the tests done against malware, ransomware and phishing. Webroot is able to eliminate every single malware threat that can be detected on the OS.

On the hand, Webroot couldn’t be able to stop any ransomware on the OS meaning that Ransomware protection on Webroot is not consistent as compared to that of Avast. Avast offers different categories of protection against malicious programs. Even the free package of Avast is able to offer a high level security protection. It also offers a free decryption tools that are capable of decoding any files threatened by all kinds of ransomware.

On a test done in regard to phishing protection, Webroot was able to eliminate about 97% of phishing websites. Avast on the other hand uses AI to detect phishing sites whereby several sensors give information to the AI which then it notices potential threats at a faster rate and then maximum protection is generated in return.

It is easy to install Webroot; by deciding which plan you want to use, you simply download the Webroot installer and then follow the instruction prompt displayed on the screen. Once you are through with the registration, the Webroot antivirus automatically downloads itself to the hard drive.

Avast on is also easy to install and use even for beginners. You only need to download it from official website or third-party websites.

In deciding whether to choose Avast or Webroot, the following feature comparisons are essential;

Anti-spyware; Webroot and Avast have anti-spyware.

Anti-worm; the two products have anti-worm

Anti-Trojan; Avast and Webroot have Anti-Trojan.

Anti-Rootkit; both Avast and Webroot have Anti-Rootkit.

Anti-Phishing; Webroot and Avast have Anti-Phishing.

Anti-Spam; Avast has Anti-Spam.

Email protection; Webroot and Avast have email protection

Ease of use; both Avast and Webroot have 4/5.

Game mode; Webroot and Avast have game modes.

VPN service; Avast has VPN service

Smartphone optimizer; Avast has this feature.

Device tune-up; Webroot has this feature.

Live help; Webroot has this feature.

Phone support; Webroot and Avast have phone support.

Email support; the two products have email support.

Ticket support; the two devices have ticket support.

Bottom Line key features
Avast is better as it has better features than Webroot.


Compatible with Windows; Avast and Webroot are compatible with Windows.

Compatible with Mac; Webroot and Avast are compatible with Mac.

Compatible with IOS; Webroot is compatible with IOS.

Compatible with android; both products are compatible with android.

Bottom Line compatibility
Webroot is better as it is compatible with IOS.


Pricing is one of the determining factors when you want to choose either Webroot or Avast in this review and has these comparisons;

Starting price; Webroot has $29.99 whereas Avast has $47.99

Discount available; Webroot has 25% while Avast has 20%

Money back Guarantee; Webroot has 70 days whereas Avast has 30 days.

Bottom Line pricing
Webroot is better as it is cheaper, has a higher percentage discount and 40% more money back guarantee.

The two products have great performance features but in deciding which is better between Webroot or Avast, Avast carries the day.

Buy now: $ 55.99