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Webroot vs Bitdefender

February 7, 2021

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Bottom line: Which one is better?

Bottom line: Bitdefender is better.

Bitdefender is a better Antivirus in this review when we compare Webroot vs Bitdefender because it has an array of features than Webroot and its overall performance is far much better. It also has got a better pricing and has minimal impact on system performance.

Webroot vs Bitdefender: SECURITY

Webroot antivirus is a solution that comes with advanced firewall, a scanner which is updated via the cloud that takes care of malware issues together with identity theft protection. It also has got webcam protection and secure browser features that offer maximum protection of your system. This is protection is under the entry level Webroot Antivirus. It also has got the Webroot internet Security Plus scanner that deals with malware issues and the Webroot Internet security Complete that is a combination of the two plans with three additional features which include system optimizer module, cloud space (25GB) and keeps you secured while browsing.

Bitdefender antivirus on the other hand is designed to detect any harmful malware and remove them. This antivirus provide security for social media, has password database and file shredder extra features. The password database uses a password to encrypt all passwords stored in the system protecting you from potential hackers. The file shredder on the other hand eradicates data as it writes over the space on the hard drive of the system and when the file is on the file shredder, it is possible to recover it. Lastly, Bitdefender has a rescue mode feature that cleans and protects your system against ransomware.

Bottom line: Bitdefender is better.

Webroot vs Bitdefender: FEATURES

The entry-level Webroot Antivirus plan of is a single license that offers protection to only one PC or Mac.

Webroot  internet security plus has additional security features which include password manager tool that can enable you protect up to three PCs, Macs or mobile devices with single license. Lastly, we have the Webroot internet security complete which is a multi-platform compatible security package which has combination features of both entry-level Webroot Antivirus and Webroot Internet Security Plus with more perks. With these additional features, you are guaranteed maximum protection while you are browsing. In addition, there is the system optimizer module and cloud space (25GB).

Bitdefender on the other hand has basic plans which include features like ransomware protection, anti-tracker extension and file shredding. These plans unfortunately don’t have additional security features like Firewall. You need therefore to go for a better plan like Total Security package where the list of features gets a little bit longer which include webcam protection, file encryption, parental controls and a two-way firewall.

A VPN client is included in every plan with limitation of 200MB of usage each day, this requires you to upgrade to higher plan like Express VPN which is a better option for your money. It has a Safepay which is a secure browser for those who do online banking and shopping. Bitdefender has got a password manager that comes with all Bitdefender products apart from the macOS version which can store all your passwords as well as credit card details, and outo-feel.

Another difference between Webroot and Bitdefender in this review is that, according to lab tests carried out, Bitdefender has minimal impact on system performance.

Bottom line: Bitdefender is better.

Webroot vs Bitdefender: COMPATIBILITY

In terms of compatibility, we have the following review between Webroot and Bitdefender;

Windows; both Webroot and Bitdefender are compatible with windows.

IOS; Bitdefender alone is compatible with iOS.

Mac; both Webroot and Bitdefender are compatible with Mac

Android; Webroot and Bitdefender are compatible with Android.

Bottom line: Bitdefender is better as it is compatible with most platforms.

Webroot vs Bitdefender: PRICING

Pricing is another aspect that can’t be left behind when selecting the best Antivirus. Webroot has a couple of plans that can suit your preference. It has the Webroot Antivirus that costs $29.99 per year, Webroot Internet Security Plus that goes for $44.99 per year, Webroot Internet Security complete which costs $59.99 per year and the Webroot Business Products which has different price range.

Bitdefender pricing include Bitdefender Antivirus Plus that goes for $2.92 per month billed yearly, Bitdefender internet security plan that goes for $3.33 per month when billed annually and Bitdefender Total security that goes for $3.75 per month (billed annually).

Bottom line: Bitdefender is better as it is affordable and has more features for your money.


Bitdefender is a better Antivirus when we compare Bitdefender vs Webroot as it supersedes Webroot in almost all features.

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