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Webroot vs Cylance

February 5, 2021

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Bottom line: Which one is better?

Bottom line: Webroot is better.

Webroot is a better antivirus when we compare Webroot Vs Cylance  because it offers all-in-one protection of your device that include device locate and stream, notifies you in case there are vulnerable system settings attacks and threats, offers a safe web browsing including scans on all links and it comes with an app inspector.

Webroot vs Cylance: SECURITY

Cylance is an antivirus that can effectively offer protection of your device against malware although it lacks most of ideal features of an antivirus and also its user interface isn’t pleasing. The other downside of Cylance is that it hasn’t gone through testing as with company accusing lab companies of bad practice. This product doesn’t have a free trial although it is a web management console. It doesn’t detect threats on your device by means of signature but by the use of artificial intelligence engine and this method is known to reduce impact on your device performance. The simple ransomware test done on Cylance proved that this antivirus did not perform well.

Webroot basically is an antivirus that is designed to protect mobile phones and tablets and it comes with a lot features than Cylance. It is capable of protecting your device against viruses, is an ideal internet security tool, can block malware, spam and others. Webroot always notifies you in case there are potential vulnerable systems setting attacks or threats. It also has a call and SMS blocking option and has an app inspector feature. The downside of this antivirus is that its malware clean-up takes a lot of time and in some instances slowing down certain applications on your device.

Bottom line: Webroot is better than Cylance in terms of security features.

Webroot vs Cylance: FEATURES

The features of Cylance as an antivirus are very few and it is a little bit tricky to discuss about the package. You can’t get much information about the program console, for example, as it only shows basic status information. With such data there is not much you can do with it than just observe it. It doesn’t have other local options; its smart Antivirus lacks a scan button as it does everything by its own by automatically detecting and executing according to the threats and attacks. It targets the small business, large enterprises and medium business. Other features of Cylance include PUP rejection, USB storage Device control, device binary lockdown memory exploitation protection, script control, binary modification prevention and privilege escalation freezing.

In modern times most businesses have opted to using mobile phones or tablets as a basic operation tool for their operations because they are portable. You therefore will not want to lose your data to hackers or your device being attacked by harmful content. This is where Webroot comes in as it is designed to protect your mobile or tablet device. It deals with phishing, Trojans, malware and potential spyware attacks and threats. And in case you accidentally lose your device, Webroot can locate it for you. It is affordable and for basic option you can use the free package. It also scans all the websites you access automatically to take away all the possible threats. Webroot is suitable for start-up, small business, medium business and large business.

Bottom line: Webroot is a better antivirus in terms of features as it has better features than Cylance.

Webroot vs Cylance: COMPATIBILITY

The compatibility features of Webroot and Cylance include the following comparisons;

Compatible with Widows; Webroot and Cylance are compatible with Windows.

Compatible with Mac; Webroot and Cylance are compatible with Mac.

Compatible with Android; Webroot and Cylance are compatible with Android.

Bottom line: both Webroot and Cylance are the same in terms of compatibility.

Webroot vs Cylance: PRICING.

Pricing is important when choosing an antivirus and Webroot and Cylance have the following price comparisons;

Starting price; Cylance pricing is only available upon request whereas Webroot has a starting price of $19.99 per year.

Free trial; Webroot has a free trial.

Bottom line: Webroot is a better antivirus in terms of pricing than Cylance.


In this review of Cylance vs Webroot, Webroot is a better product than Cylance as it has better security features.

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