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Webroot vs Eset

February 5, 2021

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Bottom line: Which one is better?

Bottom line: Eset is better.

Webroot and Eset are excellent security software that offers protection to your PC when we compare Webroot vs Eset. However, the difference is that Webroot is a cloud-based AV whereas Eset is an AV that has an engine and good heuristic. It offers solid protection to your device’s system in any way.

Webroot vs Eset: SECURITY

Webroot is cloud-based solution that comes with advanced firewall, a scanner which is updated via the cloud that protects your PC’s system against malware and identity theft. It also has got webcam protection and secure browser features that offer maximum protection of your system which is under the entry level Webroot Antivirus. In addition, it has got the Webroot internet Security Plus scanner that deals with malware issues and the Webroot Internet security Complete that is a combination of the two plans with three additional features which include system optimizer module, cloud space (25GB) and keeps you secured while browsing. However, Webroot has a below average ransomware protection it only ideal for old computers and mobile phones.

ESET is a security-based program that consists of several packages with different set of features that offer security to your system in different capacities. ESET NOD32 Antivirus provides maximum protection against viruses, worms, ransomware, website shield that protects you while banking and shopping online and Game Mode feature that allows you turn off notifications to have a conducive gaming atmosphere.

ESET Security Internet Security has got an advanced firewall anti-spam shield, a secure browser that protects you while banking and shopping online, parental controls that allow you to monitor your kids browsing activities as well as blocking certain websites from being accessed and protects your system against webcam spying. In addition, it has the Anti-Theft module that helps you track any stolen computer.

The ESET Internet Security Premium comprises of all the features of ESET internet Security Antivirus with the addition of a password manager that secures all your passwords and a secure data tool which creates encrypted directories on your computer.

Bottom line: Eset is better.

Webroot vs Eset: FEATURES

Webroot consists of two plans each having sets of features. The entry-level Webroot Antivirus plan is a single license that offers protection to only one PC or Mac.

Webroot  internet security plus has additional security features which include password manager tool that can enable you protect up to three PCs, Macs or mobile devices with single license. Lastly we have Webroot internet security complete which is a multi-platform compatible security package which has combination features of both entry-level Webroot Antivirus and Webroot Internet Security Plus with more perks. These additional features offer maximum protection while browsing and this antivirus doesn’t have significant impact on the OS. In addition, there is the system optimizer module and cloud space (25GB).

ESET Antivirus on the other hand is a solution that has a very basic dashboard interface that can be resized easily. It has three different packages that offer different protection features to your system. The ESET NOD32 Antivirus offers protection on sensitive information when banking or shopping online, game mode feature that allow you to turn off notifications while gaming, it offers defence against viruses, worms, ransomware and other security related threats. The ESET Internet Security comprises of all the features of the ESET NOD32 with additions of advanced firewall, anti-spam shield and a secure browser for banking and payment activities. In addition, it has the ESET Smart Security Premium that includes all the features and tools of the other two suites combined with the addition of passwords and Secure Data tool that creates encrypted directories on your computer.

Bottom line: Eset is better

Webroot vs Eset: COMPATIBILITY

Windows; Webroot and Eset are compatible with Windows

Mac; Webroot and Eset are compatible with Mac

IOS; Webroot alone is compatible with iOS

Android; the two programs are compatible with Android.

Bottom line: Webroot is better.

Webroot vs Eset: PRICING

Webroot has a wide range of security solutions for home usage, businesses and much more at different pricing. This include 1 device for 2 years which costs $29.99 per year, 1 device for 2 years goes for $59.99 per year, 1 device for 3 year costing $89.99 per year, 3 devices 1 year costing 37.49 per year, 3 devices 2 years costing $79.99 per year and 3 devices 3 year that goes for $109.99 per year.

ESET Antivirus on the other hand has the ESET NOD32 Antivirus going for $39.99 per year that protects one device, ESET Internet Security which costs $49.99 per year for one device and the ESET Smart Security which costs $59.99 per year for one license.

Bottom line: Webroot has a better pricing plan.


Eset is better when we compare Eset vs Webroot as its reliability is better apart from the pricing plan.

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