WebStarts vs Wix

August 29, 2019

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Bottom line: Which one is better?

Bottom line: Wix is better.

In this review of WebStarts and Wix, Wix is a better web builder because it has a stronger blogging platform, has over 500 amazing templates to choose from and more powerful e-commerce tools for smaller stores.

WebStarts vs Wix: TEMPLATES

Templates play a vital role in any web building as it acts as a starting point or pillar to your desired website. WebStarts and Wix to begin with have a blank canvas theme. WebStarts on its own has 100 and above different designs that include business, health and fitness, animals and pets, beauty and many others. These templates are modern, good looking and you can customize the basic colors and text styles of the site you are dealing with but you it restricts you to where certain elements can be moved.

Wix on the other hand offers you a whopping 5 times more high-quality the selection WebStarts can offer. These templates are in similar categories but you are not restricted as you can drill into a particular category so that you can get the desired design that suits your business or project. You can customize the theme you have chosen at your own comfort as you swiftly select pictures, text and forms as you place them at an appropriate position.

Bottom line: Wix is better

WebStarts vs Wix: EASE OF USE

A website builder is one which gives you a humble time to figure out how it operates. You only need few minutes or hours to understand how it operates or familiarise with its features.

WebStarts has a video that guides through its operation so that you get familiar with its features and how it works. Besides watching the video, its interface is quite straight forward as you deal with two main menus whereby you can add new pages, change colors; add new images and so much more.

Wix on the other hand has two provisions on how you can create the website. With the first method (convectional method), you simply drag and drop selected elements around the page exactly as the WebStarts. The other method is by the use of artificial intelligence. Wix has the Wix ADI feature that allows you to create an account by answering a questionnaire concerning your business or project and when you are through you leave everything to Wix to tackle the remaining process.

Bottom line: if you want to build your website manually, WebStarts is better but if you want a hands-off approach, then you can take a questionnaire and leave everything to Wix to build for you a website.

WebStarts vs Wix: FLEXIBILITY

A good website builder is one which can shrink down to fit smaller screens like mobile phones and tablets. The two platforms gives you provision for you to make alterations to the mobile version. It is a bit hard to use the mobile editors, it worth having it as an alternative option.

Bottom line: the two web builders are flexible as they offer you options to customize your mobile site separately.

WebStarts vs Wix: HELP AND SUPPORT

Help and support is essential especially when you need assistance about how the web builder operates. WebStarts provides customer support by means of email as well as live chat.

Wix on the other hand offers email support and its clients have an option of requesting a call back from the support team. Assistance can be provided by Wix but getting their contact details is a bit hard.

Bottom line: the two web builders offer assistance by means of email and live chat but Wix plays it hard to get their contact details.

WebStarts vs Wix: PRICING

Both WebStarts and Wix web builders offer free plans which can be considered a good idea for testing it before you can consider purchasing it.

WebStarts provide premium plans which range from $4.89 to $19.99/month if you choose annual plan. The Pro Plus mobile plan goes at $7.16/month.

Wix on the other side has its pricing ranging from $5 to $25 per month if you choose the annual plan. Wix has the cheapest plan known as connect domain which is not quite effective and has a lot of ads.

Bottom line: the pricing plan of the two website builders is fairly distributed.


Wix is a better website builder in this review as it outshines WebStarts in majority of categories.