Wrike vs Smartsheet

September 10, 2019

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Bottom line: Which one is better?

Bottom line: Wrike is better.

Wrike is better in this review of Wrike vs Smartsheet as it helps users manage projects as well as collaborate with colleagues. It offers managers with tools for time tracking, project planning and communication to enable managers and team members to do projects and tasks in a centralized place. Teams can schedule, discuss and prioritize tasks and even track the progress and see the changes of every member in real time.

Wrike vs Smartsheet: FEATURES

Wrike is all-in-one project management and collaboration tool that gives users visual timelines for complete visibility into the status of the project they are tackling. It helps with the efficiency of project delivery as users can prioritize their tasks and connect the specific tasks to the project plans with discussions, emails and files. Wrike also has a built-in time tracking system which allows you to track the hours each team member spends on a given task and project and allows managers in evaluating the effectiveness of each team member in the project. Team members can also collaborate on a project in real time.

Smartsheet is an online project management program designed to make collaboration and work task management tasks much easier. It has a simple, intuitive or user-friendly spreadsheet-like interface together with Gantt charts, file sharing and work automation features. The easy to use interface offers business users with quick configuration, adaptation and improvement of their processes for the efficiency of tasks. With Smartsheet, users can easily plan, manage, automate, track and report on work. In addition, it allows teams to manage complex projects while visualizing tasks in Gantt, card and calendar views. Its downside is that it doesn’t offer a time-tracking feature as well as central hub for communication.

Bottom line: Wrike is better.

Wrike vs Smartsheet: WORK MANAGEMENT

Wrike is a comprehensive and flexible project management program amongst the best in the field. It is one of the heavyweights in the world which allows uses to organize things into separate projects with each containing tasks. Each task can be divided into subtasks and then every team member is delegated his responsibility and the manager can track the responsibilities of every member. Wrike allows you to create forms allowing other team members to create them too by a form of answering questions.

With Smartsheet, data on the sheets can represent several things including tasks in the project. Tasks for example can be assigned a start and end date and assigned to every team member. You can as well set up dependency management and observe the progress. You can then track each task with a status, completion percentage and comments to track the progress of the project.

Bottom line: Wrike is better.

Wrike vs Smartsheet: COLLABORATIION

Wrike has proofing feature which allows you to comment on files and with videos, comments can appear at particular points which makes the feature a better way to discuss with your team members issues with files they are working on or just highlight parts of training videos. In addition, Wrike offers very strong report capabilities for the user to get more detail on the progress of the project. You also get emails regularly which include daily-to-do lists and weekly updates on reports you are subscribed to.

With Smartsheet, businesses are offered innovative ways to collaborate on projects and processes. It is a leading enterprise collaboration solution for companies and can be accessed from any browser and device. It has an ease of use spreadsheet which it effectively combines with visual timeline management, collaborative file sharing as well as discussions and work progress.

Bottom line: Wrike is better.

Wrike vs Smartsheet: PRICING

Wrike has got five pricing plans which include the free version, professional version for five, 10 or 15 users with a starting price of $9.80 per user per month. We have the business version for 5 up to 200 users and is priced at $24.80 per user per month, Wrike for marketers aimed at marketing and creative teams and you can contact Wrike for pricing and then the Enterprise version for businesses which you can contact vendor for pricing as well.

Smartsheet pricing includes a free trial, individual plan that goes for $14 per user per month, business plan that costs $25 per user per month and the enterprise plan which you can contact vendor for pricing.

Bottom line: Smartsheet is better as it has reasonable pricing.


Wrike is better when we compare Smartsheet vs Wrike as it has great features than Smartsheet.