Xfinity Internet (Comcast) Prices and Review

March 2, 2020

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Xfinity is the branded service offerings of Comcast for residential customers, including Internet, TV, phone, home security, and related options within Comcast’s service area in the US.  In addition, they have recently added Xfinity Mobile, a phone plan for subscribers of Xfinity Internet services, further blurring the lines between traditional telephone and cable operators and modern telecommunications companies, and adding convenience for consumers.  As the largest of the traditional cable companies, it is estimated that this service territory includes over 100 million Americans, or roughly 1/3 of the population.  Xfinity service is primarily available in the northeast, mid-Atlantic, in Illinois and Indiana, sporadically throughout the south, heavily in Florida, northern California, the Seattle area, and much of Colorado.

In our Xfinity review below, we’ll look at all of these different service offerings, pricing and plans, highlight some of the different equipment and fee considerations for Xfinity, and look at their customer support options.  Finally, we’ll provide a recommendation on choosing Xfinity services.  So let’s get started!

Xfinity Services

Xfinity’s services can be broken down into five key categories, which can generally be bundled together in most cases depending on what a customer requires.  Broadly speaking, these services include:

  • Xfinity Internet, providing broadband, high-speed Internet access across several different speed and bandwidth tiers, typically via cable modem. As you’ll find in dedicated Xfinity Internet reviews, the exact speeds that can be achieved can vary depending on location, though uptime and reliability nationally are fairly high, and higher-tier packages tend to be more than satisfactory for multiple HD streams, gaming, and downloading simultaneously.
  • Xfinity X1 and/or Flex Streaming TV, a full range of cable television packages, DVR and HD TV, streaming and online on-demand capabilities, premium pay channels, and more. While exact details may vary somewhat by jurisdiction, a streaming-based option (Xfinity Flex) is also now available, which does not include live TV, but rather encompasses the on-demand and premium offerings of the Xfinity library.  Regular X1 TV includes hundreds of channels, sports, news and information, culture, lifestyle, and more, along with premium channels, DVR services, and other features.
  • Xfinity Home Phone service, a VoIP phone service with various features and options available. This is comparable to a traditional land-line telephone, but works over the cable network and integrates with Xfinity TV and Internet packages.
  • Xfinity Home Security, Internet-based security systems and home automation options. These usually include video cameras, 24/7 monitoring, a companion app to manage and monitor the system, real-time alert features, and smart home control integration features.
  • Xfinity Mobile, a new service, acting as a wireless phone carrier for existing Xfinity Internet customers (it cannot be purchased a la carte if you do not have Xfinity Internet).

These service offerings are typical of most modern large cable companies, and comparable in speed, features, and similar.  They may differ, sometimes substantially, from those services offered by traditional telephone companies, who have also expanded into Internet and television services in most cases.

Xfinity Prices and Plans

There are a mind-boggling number of potential Xfinity plans available, depending on what service offerings you choose, and how you bundle them together.  Like most similar companies, Xfinity/Comcast provide discounts for bundling multiple services.  Higher tiers of service, such as faster Internet speed, for example, adds cost, as does premium television channels, additional phone features, etc.  Charges may also vary depending on region and locality.  Therefore, it’s virtually impossible to provide a total, “all in” monthly cost without building a plan on their website.

On the flipside, base prices for the various services, not including any add-ons or discounts, are broken out below based on a high-cost market (California).  It should be noted that most of these prices do not include equipment purchase or rental costs, and may depend on a 1 or 2 year contract agreement as well.  Full details are available on the Xfinity website.

Xfinity Internet

  • 25 Mbps @ $29.99/mo
  • 100 Mbps @ $34.99/mo
  • 200 Mbps @ $49.99/mo
  • 300 Mbps @ $64.99/mo
  • 600 Mbps @ $74.99/mo
  • 1000 Mbps @ $84.99/mo
  • This pricing and speed breakdown is comparable to or even somewhat cheaper than most other major providers within their service territory.

Xfinity X1 and Flex Streaming TV

  • X1 TV ranges from $39.95 starting price to $89.49 starting price per month, depending on channel selections and other factors.
  • Flex Streaming TV is included with Xfinity Internet at no additional cost.

Xfinity Home Phone

  • Local-only calling plan is available for $3.95/mo
  • Unlimited long-distance plan is available for $30/mo
  • Unlimited long-distance plus international plan is available for $44.95/mo

Xfinity Home Security

  • Basic home security plan is $40/mo
  • Home security plus plan is $50/mo

Xfinity Mobile

  • Prices and availability vary.

Xfinity Contracts, Equipment, and Fees

As with the pricing plans, there are a range of contracts that may be required in order to secure Xfinity service.  In most cases, a 1 year service agreement is required, and fees may be charged for early breakage of contracts.  It varies considerably based on the services, as well as individual state and market-based laws.  You are encouraged to read the fine print before signing up for service.

At the same time, generally you can bring your own (compatible) equipment to Xfinity for some services, such as your own router, cable model, or mobile phone in the case of Xfinity mobile.  Generally, you will need an Xfinity X1 cable box in order to utilize the features of the X1 TV service, and your Internet options and features may be limited with your own Internet equipment.  Home security equipment is usually purchased separately through Xfinity, though individual home automation equipment to integrate with home security is usually a bring-your-own affair.

Fees, taxes, service charges, and related additional costs are fairly typical, comparable to other similar providers, and vary by region and services selected.  In general, if a base price of $100 is quoted, for example, expect to add a premium of at least 10%, usually more like 15-20% on top of that to cover various fees, charges, taxes, and similar.

Xfinity Customer Support

Most people don’t like dealing with customer support for any kind of cable or Internet provider, and have a range of horror stories to justify that feeling.  Comcast is no different, and you’ll find plenty of unhappy and even angry customer stories online.  At the same time, they have greatly improved in the last 5-10 years compared to where they used to be according to customer averages, and provide multiple options for contact – directly over the phone, through e-mail, live chat, in-person appointments, in-store kiosks in some regions, and even over social media.  Outages and downtime tend to be minimal, and comparable to other similar service providers.  Response time and issue resolution tend to vary, and while Comcast is fairly notorious in the customer service world, much of that reputation is due to the size of their operation, and the fact that nearly 1/3 of US-based customers utilize Comcast services (so of course, due to volume and scale, there are more “bad” stories and experiences with them than smaller, regional cable providers).  On the whole, most online reviews and scores for Xfinity/Comcast customer support are right down the middle of the road – not amazing, but not awful, either.

Final Verdict on Xfinity

Xfinity provides a number of valuable telecommunications services to a huge portion of the United States.  With a range of options and features, you can build your own package of Internet, TV, phone, home security/automation, and even mobile services.  Speeds, selection, and features are generally good to very good, and comparable to similarly-sized and situated companies in the market today.  The value is quite good as well, with prices on par with or even slightly less than some of their major competitors.  Customer service, contracts, and fees are also quite similar, though customer service may be a bit lacking compared to some smaller providers.  In general, however, Xfinity is the best choice in many markets throughout the US, and the more services you bundle together with Xfinity, the lower your cost will be.