Zoho One vs Zoho CRM Plus

February 5, 2021

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Bottom line: Which one is better?

Bottom line: Zoho one is better.

In this review of Zoho One vs Zoho CRM Plus, Zoho One is better as it is an all-in-one suite that allows the user to run the whole business at an affordable rate.

Zoho One vs Zoho CRM Plus: FEATURES

Zoho One is a program that is designed to suit large Enterprises, medium size business and small businesses. It has more than 40 apps with the complementary mobile app that allow you to manage the whole business on one suite. Some of the basic features include billing and invoice, CRM, employee management, financial management, Inventory management, marketing and much more.

This platform allows users to take full control of administrative control. It is a full featured platform that enables businesses increase sales, promote their products and services.

Zoho CRM Plus on the other hand is designed to help businesses streamline customer related operations by linking sales, marketing and support on a single hub for desired experiences. It has the Omnicahnnel customer engagement that helps customers receive help across all channels by way of email, phone, chat or any other social media. It has an advanced Al assistant –Zia that helps the users’ sales, marketing and support teams. The Zia intelligence on the other hand helps in email and ticketing sentiment analysis and much more.

Zoho CRM Plus has the Blueprint that helps the user set up and execute business processes across all teams. It also allows the user to manage and streamline processes that require several teams and different stakeholders. In addition, it has 300+ pre-built dashboards the user can select from. The user can customize the dashboards with charts, funnels or components that will guide you in comparing the performance.

Bottom line: Zoho CRM Plus is better.

Zoho One vs Zoho CRM Plus: WORK MANAGEMENT

Zoho one is an all-in-one operating suite that is designed to help the user run the whole business with about 40 integrated applications on a single platform. A full Zoho suite enables the user to connect sales, marketing, accounting work as well as customer support. It comes with native apps for bot iOS and Android which allows the users to use mobile phones and work wherever you are. It also enables team members become more productive and efficient in the project as they can access correct data anytime they need.

Zoho CRM Plus on the other hand enables the user to engage customers across multiple channels at each stage of the process. It provides you with tools for the user to align and streamline all the teams with main focus being on customers. In additional, it has the Al-based voice assistant that help you work better by predicting business trends, finding emails and ticket sentiments and many more.

Bottom line: Zoho one is better.

Zoho One vs Zoho CRM Plus: COLLABORATION

Zoho one is a full-featured platform that is equipped with collaborative tools like mail for ad-free email and Cliq for informal team messaging. This helps users to plan, track and collaborate across teams with projects and manage agile projects with Sprints. It also has the connect feature that provides a private platform for discussions. This in return enables members to get the right information at the right time and act on it in real-time.

Zoho CRM Plus on the other hand has the Blueprint feature that enables the user to set up and execute business processes across teams easily. It also allows you to manage and streamline processes that have several teams and different stakeholders. It helps you work in collaboration as well as manage internal processes easily.

Bottom line: Zoho one is better.

Zoho One vs Zoho CRM Plus: PRICING

Zoho one offers a free trial plan and Zoho one plan which costs $35.00 per user per month.

Zoho CRM Plus alternatively offers a free trial and a paid plan starting from $50.00 per user per month and $60 per user month-to-month.

Bottom line: Zoho one is better as it has a better pricing plan.


When we compare Zoho one and Zoho CRM in this review, Zoho one is better because it is an affordable all-in-one solution that can run the entire business.

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