Zoho Projects vs Basecamp

September 24, 2019

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Bottom line: Which one is better?

Bottom line: Basecamp is better.

Basecamp is a better solution in this review when we compare Zoho vs Basecamp as it allows the user to run different projects concurrently with a lot of moving parts.

Zoho Projects vs Basecamp: FEATURES

Zoho Projects provides task lists which allow users to create within any project. Tasks basically are activities that should be done within a specified time and they can be added from the dashboard. A task can be made into a task list and add similar files or attachments so that other team members can view them.

Zoho projects also provide its users with tools that can manage and share different types of documents. The files can be stored and managed in a central hub and can be associated with different tasks. It has the Gantt charts that provide a visual representation of the progress of tasks, task lists and individual milestones in the project.

Basecamp is a project management tool with an intuitive interface for team collaboration and management with powerful integrations and simple pricing scheme. It has message boards that allow users to post alerts, questions and other messages to every team member of the project. The manager can notify all team members in the project about the message so that they can see it as soon as possible or share it outside Basecamp link via a public link. The posts can have images and files embedded comments and ‘applause’. It has the Hey! Menu located at the top of the webpage that has all type of notification like new messages, to-do assignments and @ mentions. Another feature is the campfire which is basically a casual chat room for team members whereby you can mention specific user using the @ symbol or chat with the entire group.

Other features include pings which are direct messages to individuals or small groups with general questions, search and bookmarking, to-do lists, schedules, automatic check-in questions, documents and file storage, clientside and Email forward and reports and notifications.

Bottom line: Basecamp is better.

Zoho Projects vs Basecamp: WORK MANAGEMENT

Zoho is a simplified and free website builder that allows users to build up to par detailed websites within few minutes. The drag-and-drop feature makes this website builder a simple tool to use. It has attractive responsive themes users can choose from and can be customized easily according to your need. The ecommerce feature of Zoho lacks several elements like email receipt customization, checkout system and many more. The customization feature of Zoho enables the user to create an attractive website of his choice. It has the personalization options which are well organized into forms, elements, apps as well as commerce Tabs which the user can easily access

Basecamp on the other hand has six core tools for every project which include to-do lists that tracks tasks, message board for announcements and updates purpose, campfire chat tool for users to discuss a given item in the project, schedule tool used top track milestones and as well as deadlines, the docs and files tool that help users to access files required and then lastly the automatic check-ins feature which its work is to automatically ask users for status update on a daily, weekly or on a frequent basis set by the manager.

Bottom line: Basecamp is better.

Zoho Projects vs Basecamp: COLLABORATION

Zoho website builder is designed to suit all types of users but it best suits small and mid-sized retail businesses that are willingly to display the product suits online. In addition, it has attractive slideshows and multimedia support that help the users to attract guests with visual podcasts, modern libraries as well as demos. It allows online sales with several e-commerce tools and there is communication is viable as customers are allowed to comment and review the products. It also has social network integration.

Basecamp has message boards that allow users to post alerts, questions and other kind of messages to everyone in the project. You can notify every member about the message to make sure they see it immediately or share it outside of Basecamp via a public.

Bottom line: both programs have the same collaboration features.

Zoho Projects vs Basecamp: PRICING

Zoho has a free plan that has 5 pages, 500 MB storage, 3 GB Bandwidth/month, 2 forms, 10 MB Max file size, favicon, mobile optimized, header and footer code and automatic sitemap. The essential plan costs $7 per site per month or $5 per site per month (billed annually) and has 25 pages and 1 GB storage.

Basecamp has a simple and very attractive pricing which is $99 per month that includes unlimited users with all features included and 500GB storage space. In addition, it offers free 30-day trial period.

Bottom line: Zoho is better.


Basecamp is better in this review as it as it allows the user to run different projects concurrently with a lot of moving parts.