Zoho sites vs WordPress

Zoho sites vs WordPress

September 20, 2019

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Bottom line: Which one is better?

Bottom line: WordPress is better.

WordPress is better in this review of Zoho sites vs WordPress as it offers a forever free plan as well as cheaper basic plan. WordPress is also compatible with Android as well as iPhone and can be integrated with a variety of social media platforms like Facebook, Mailchimp, Google Analytics and many more. Furthermore, WordPress provides higher storage, unlimited themes, email and live chat support and option to sell via PayPal.

Zoho sites vs WordPress: FEATURES

Zoho Sites is a website builder that allows users to create attractive websites in a few minutes. This is done by the use of an intuitive drag-and-drop tool that doesn’t require any experience as it is easy to use. It also allows you to create your own website for free and acquire free hosting. Zoho also offers amazing features that include blogging, a custom domain, 1 GB storage, an ad-free website and SSL hosting.

WordPress was originally designed to support blogging and other related types of online publishing. It is a flexible and adaptable tool that is essential in changing needs and is used to run complex sites for large corporations, run small businesses and create personal blogs as well. It is easy to install and run and can be installed free of charge through the WordPress hosting provider or download from WordPress.0rg. It has an easy and intuitive admin dashboard carrying all the features needed for the user to customize how the site’s heading and layout looks like as you begin with the creation of pages and posts.

Bottom line: WordPress is better.

Zoho sites vs WordPress: WORK MANAGEMENT

Zoho Sites is a simplified and free website builder that allows users to build up to par detailed websites within few minutes. The drag-and-drop feature makes this website builder a simple tool to use. It has attractive responsive themes users can choose from and can be customized easily according to your need. The ecommerce feature of Zoho lacks several elements like email receipt customization, checkout system and many more. The customization feature of Zoho enables the user to create an attractive website of his choice. It has the personalization options which are well organized into forms, elements, apps as well as commerce Tabs which the user can easily access.

WordPress on the other hand is a user-friendly website builder that can be used even by beginners. It has themes that provide users with several choices to customize the appearance and functions of a site you are building. In addition, WordPress has several plugins designed to perform particular tasks. These plugins allow the web designer to add features like shopping carts, galleries and much more to the website. You can activate or deactivate as well uninstall all the plugins as you wish or according to the demand of the website. The built in blog is a feature that can be accessed from any device so that it is easier for any user to modify the site at any point.

Bottom line: WordPress is better.

Zoho sites vs WordPress: COLLABORATION

Zoho website builder is designed to suit all types of users but it best suits small and mid-sized retail businesses that are willingly to display the product suits online. In addition, it has attractive slideshows and multimedia support that help the users to attract guests with visual podcasts, modern libraries as well as demos. It allows online sales with several e-commerce tools and there is communication is viable as customers are allowed to comment and review the products. It also has social network integration.

WordPress website builder on the other hand is an easy to use tool that has an intuitive interface that can be used by beginners. It can be used on either the computer or any other mobile device. WordPress allows the user to make changes to the website and has a variety of themes that are customizable. The user can add new pages, blog posts, images and many more.

Bottom line: Zoho is better.

Zoho sites vs WordPress: PRICING

Zoho has a free plan that has 5 pages, 500 MB storage, 3 GB Bandwidth/month, 2 forms, 10 MB Max file size, favicon, mobile optimized, header and footer code and automatic sitemap. The essential plan costs $7 per site per month or $5 per site per month (billed annually) and has 25 pages and 1 GB storage.

WordPress has a free trial and as well as a free plan. The paid plans include personal plan of $4 per month, premium plan for $8 per month and business plan for $25 per month.

Bottom line: WordPress is better.


WordPress is better as compared to Zoho sites as it has better pricing plans as well as great features.

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